Tennis Togetherness

Wow! Tonight’s post is quick but I have to say that I feel amazing, empowered, and borderline epiphany – ish, if there is such a word and if not, we’ll add it to the Laurenism page.

It’s not just because the Satanic heat spell has lifted and I can actually sleep the whole night and my bed isn’t scorching me from the heat. It’s because I was given a gift six weeks ago.  At first I thought it was to taunt me because what is one to do with a dozen tennis balls if you have nobody to play tennis with.

These Balls Have Bounce!

These Balls Have Bounce and yes I blocked out the manufacturer because they didn’t pay me to promote their balls, if you know what I mean!

Thankfully, yesterday’s post – a plea for tennis companionship was heard.  Tennis players/friends are popping up, dusting off the dirt from the handles that have been hidden in the basement or garage and lining up on the courts to get a chance to taste a bit of my “poison shot”.   People are curious – will they survive on the court with me or dominate me.

Tennis Court Domination!

Tennis Court Domination!

I don’t really care. I’m out on the court!

I now know that this gift wasn’t meant to torture me, it was meant as a gentle push to find tennis playing people and play the sport we all love.  My enthusiasm, alone, will bring back tennis in the community!

He gave me the gift of tennis togetherness and wonderful memories. Ego stroking as I make a shocking shot, endorphins shooting through my body from the great workout, and being outside with kind and talented tennis-playing people as I enjoy summer evenings.

That, my friend, is a selfless and thoughtful gesture! 🙂

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  1. Yes, a gentle push to find tennis players. Excellent gift.

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