Oopsie – Better Curb That Egregiousness

This past weekend, while on a promotional surge for a volunteer project that had me floating in social media euphoria, I was suddenly sidelined.  

I had to reinstate a suspended social media account.  Mortifying, yet not surprising given how people have responded to my eagerness lately.  I felt like I was in a social media pokey. My research assured me that other perplexed and perky quipsters had been squashed, too.  Many users have no clue what they did wrong but get suspended, while the spamsters get a free pass.  I read that one account took over 10 days to get restored.

A few years ago, I worked on another reunion project and Facebook said to the effect, SLOW DOWN, SISTER – YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE DOWN OUR SERVER WITH YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM! Everything ended up working out beautifully and to this day, Facebook is the reunion saviour as far as I am concerned.

This other social media platform is much more intense with their hand slapping.  Enthusiastic Rule Breaker – that’s the new me of 2013!

“Nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Per their rules: enthusiasm equals “egregious”.

I must say, I was shocked! I know, curb the puns.

Redemption option: Click through to a link and confirm that I will “alter my behavior”/talk about the cup of soup I had for lunch and then type in that code that has cryptic looking letters to prove I am not a computer.  

 All of my experience of dealing with beyond messy handwriting and being a puzzle solving aficionado should equate to tackling this task with relative ease! I was mistaken, I kept failing!

The simple things become difficult when we are stressed out. Right?

It's really quite simple, just follow the prompts!

It’s really quite simple to prove your humanity, just follow the prompts!

I tried listening to the distorted audio and it sounded like it was recorded on a busy highway and various vehicles were crushing the letters and random numbers that were blurted throughout.  Seriously, is that option just to further tease us?

I went back to the weird letters until I could actually read the series and determined that I had to hit a space and then add those funny looking numbers.  15 minutes later or maybe it was a year, everything came together and I proved I was human and reinstated the account.

During the height of my ineptitude, I proactively opened up an incident basically confirming in a non-threatening manner that:

1) I messed up because of user error

2) I am human but can’t prove it because I’m stressed out and the code won’t take.

3) Why did I get suspended in the first place – please clarify the error of my ways.

To recap, my enthusiastic efforts got my account restored just as the Pokey Guard sent me a note telling me I was “egregious” again.  I apologized profusely with heartfelt confusion and responded saying what I had already said but differently – hoping it would be understood or even read.

A couple of days later, a different Pokey Guard advised me to curb the egregious behavior.  I hadn’t done anything in the account since the suspension notice because I was frozen like a deer in headlights. So robotic and here I am trying to prove that I am a human!

However, my email was not comprehended because the PG informed me that my account had been “un-suspended” when I had already taken it off suspension with my prowess of proving my humanity!

Hm, let’s file this experience as hashtag #Confused, #Oopsie and #User Error!  Surely, I’ll find my classmates…

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  1. Yikes! Sounds like work to me.

  2. They certainly don’t make it easy to prove you’re human. Sometimes I think I can hear the laughter as I try to enter that insane code for the umpteenth time.

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