Girl, I Want to Skate Backwards With You

Some of the best moments of laughter, for me,  are when I am not expecting it and out of nowhere I get sucked in by something really witty and laugh for a long time. It’s therapeutic.

Last night I was catching up on the family sitcom, See Dad Run.  Full disclosure, I watch this show because my brother writes for it. Being the ever devoted sister,  I was multi-tasking so I wasn’t completely paying attention but then I had to hit rewind because I was drawn in because I realized Scott Baio was singing!

It’s just a 30 second clip, yet I was completely enthralled, refreshed, and tickled.  I played it a few times. It was so catchy!  This morning, I started singing it to myself in my workspace and of course shared it on my Facebook wall and sent it to a bunch of people to make their day.

Scott Baio as David Hobbs Briefly Serenades us on See Dad Run

Scott Baio as David Hobbs Briefly Serenades us on See Dad Run. Clip compliments of their Facebook page.

Girl, I Want to Skate Backwards With You!

For me, it was a flashback to the late 70s and early 80s – otherwise known as the “smitten years” when people like Shaun Cassidy and Rick Springfield were making young girls swoon. Sigh. It was awesome!

Thanks to See Dad Run’s Facebook Page for indulging their audience by encouraging us to share this clip and more importantly, thank you for providing much-needed levity!

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  1. I’d seen Shaun Cassidy on TV. he was a cutie ! ! !

  2. I had a slew of heartthrob love interests….good ole days for sure.

  3. Thanks LIFE – you can’t help but get taken back there when you look at the clip…again and again 😉 His expressions were perfect!

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