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Supportive but not Smothering

A frequent adventure during my childhood was visiting this big mansion – this house was huge by our family’s standards.  It was the biggest house where we actually knew the people who lived there.  The mom and dad who lived inside with their three sons became fixtures in our lives. 

The two dads played tennis together on a regular basis. Our families spent many holidays together, often camping and cross-country skiing.  

Upon arrival at the mansion, the two fathers would disappear into a room and watch football while I hung out with the two mothers (who would be besties for life) in the kitchen. We nibbled on onion dip and potato chips as I held my doll.  The mother with the long black hair tied into a single braid in back would smile at me as she shook her head: Read the rest of this entry

Challenge Accepted

A couple of months ago, Rich Cohen,  a New York Times best-selling author put me on his “read my latest book before everyone else does” list.  This inclusion was very exciting for me because it gives me the needed edge and confidence to promote it on my blog.

Writer Rich Cohen in his home in New York © Pascal Perich 2011

Writer Rich Cohen in his home in New York © Pascal Perich 2011

I have many of  Rich’s books in my personal library and I find them to be good reads.  They also make wonderful gifts.

Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football. As the title above indicates, his latest book is about Read the rest of this entry

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