Challenge Accepted

A couple of months ago, Rich Cohen,  a New York Times best-selling author put me on his “read my latest book before everyone else does” list.  This inclusion was very exciting for me because it gives me the needed edge and confidence to promote it on my blog.

Writer Rich Cohen in his home in New York © Pascal Perich 2011

Writer Rich Cohen in his home in New York © Pascal Perich 2011

I have many of  Rich’s books in my personal library and I find them to be good reads.  They also make wonderful gifts.

Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football. As the title above indicates, his latest book is about Football and the Chicago Bears and that’s a bit of a reach for me as I purposely block out the entire NFL season.  In fact, my only connection with the NFL is one day ten years ago while I was golfing, I accidentally took Otis Wilson‘s golf ball to be mine.  I thought it was a little strange that my ball magically had the Bears logo on it, but I digress. He was so kind that he golfed a couple of holes with me as he gave me, the professional wanna be mini-golfer, some helpful tips before he went on his way – with his reclaimed golf ball. One could make the argument that it would be a bit of a challenge for me to stay enthralled in a book about my hometown professional football team.

Nonetheless, as a young friend of mine frequently says, “Challenge accepted.”

I timidly opened Rich’s book and was immediately taken in by his exuberance for the 1985 Chicago Bears. The book is written with humor and

Rich Cohen - Monsters

includes delightful details, rich (yes, that’s a pun) with history of the football franchise.  Whether it’s on a plane back in 1985, in a football stadium, at lunch with one of the former players, or in the War Room,  I felt as if I were living these moments with him, and was captivated.

On many occasions I found myself laughing aloud and reading the quotes to anyone who happened to be nearby at the time. The characters (who are real people, mind you) are so colorful and endearing.  In fact, at certain moments, I found myself emailing Rich to tell him that I was laughing at that moment because of him.

The book isn’t just about a professional football team. It’s about having incredible vigor for something your entire life and having the opportunity to cash in on that passion by meeting many of the players who contributed to the magic of the 1985 Chicago Bears. What a dream.

It doesn’t matter if you like football or not. If you are a fan of ANYTHING, you will connect with this book. You will be taken on this journey and leave empowered with knowledge and exhilaration. Rich has quite the tour lined up and will be having lots of chats about the book in Chicago. Take a look at his schedule and stop on by. The book hits the shelves on October 29.  Pre-order it now!

Raves about Monsters

Raves about Monsters From Other People

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