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2014 – The Year of Fabulous Views

Riveted readers – a year ago I put together a short and simple wish list for 2013.  How did it go? The results are in blue.  Read the rest of this entry


Christmas on Cleveland Street

Last year, a friend of mine alerted me to some amazing lights not too far from where I live. There are many light sequences – each in synch with a different song that can be found on a radio frequency. I took some stills last night and some are below.

Elvis is singing "Blue Christmas"...appropriate..

Elvis is singing “Blue Christmas”..sigh!

The lights dazzle!

The lights dazzle!

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Christmas Light Delight

Last night, despite the frigid weather, I covered up in warm clothing so I could walk around town to complete my annual mission of capturing Christmas lights on film. The slabs of concrete were slick with ice and crunched as I spotted various delightful lit up displays. I waited for my blurred lenses to de-fog and used my fingers (slowly transforming into icicles) to snap some shots. lights!

Starring…star lights!

Classic Christmas Feel - with a wreath, of course!

Classic Christmas Feel – with a wreath, of course!

Love the wreath and all of the color!

Love the wreath and all of the color!

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Taken Too Soon

The other day, I read about a couple in Ontario, Canada, who had been married for over 56 years.  They were returning home from their weekend getaway in a snowstorm. Visibility had to be a challenge but they were no strangers to the Canadian winter road conditions. They were within ten miles of their destination when their car collided with an unloaded logging truck.  The driver of the truck was unharmed but the proud parents of six children and grandparents of 16 did not survive the crash.

Normally, I would gasp at reading such an account. However, in this case, I knew the victims. Slowly, it sunk in that the husband of my cousin had lost both of his parents in an instant. Read the rest of this entry

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