Taken Too Soon

The other day, I read about a couple in Ontario, Canada, who had been married for over 56 years.  They were returning home from their weekend getaway in a snowstorm. Visibility had to be a challenge but they were no strangers to the Canadian winter road conditions. They were within ten miles of their destination when their car collided with an unloaded logging truck.  The driver of the truck was unharmed but the proud parents of six children and grandparents of 16 did not survive the crash.

Normally, I would gasp at reading such an account. However, in this case, I knew the victims. Slowly, it sunk in that the husband of my cousin had lost both of his parents in an instant. I had recently seen the vivacious couple at the wedding of one of their granddaughter’s in July.

I learned about the accident via Facebook through another family member. It was surreal. I promptly investigated on the Internet to see if it was a hoax, but it wasn’t.  As the days progressed, condolences covered my cousin’s wall on Facebook.

Throughout our lives, the media will share accounts of tragedies – such as a plane crash, train derailment, natural disaster  footage, or even a car crash.  If they have the data, we will get a brief sound bite about the victims. As most humans, we are usually shocked as we empathize with the profundity of life’s sometimes tragic path.  While we should embrace our good fortune, how often we may not.  Perhaps, indeed, we should be aware of all that we have.

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