2014 – The Year of Fabulous Views

Riveted readers – a year ago I put together a short and simple wish list for 2013.  How did it go? The results are in blue. 


* Health NAILED IT! * Happiness  HIGH RAVES!  * Success IN MANY AREAS! * Laugh once a day, if not more FOR SURE!  * Lack of writer’s block UM….well…uh….next!   * Great reading opportunities DOES READING TEXTS COUNT? * Entertaining and/or educational TV and film OF COURSE! * Experience wonderful moments I WAS THERE!  * Embrace positive thoughts HOW COULD I NOT? * Take or be in great photos!  HELLO MUSEUM OF LAUREN in my hall! * Keep in touch with people more effectively, but don’t do all the work THIS WAS BIG * Be helpful! DO IT YOURSELF – no, DONE! * Be inspired!  YEP! * Walk an hour a day  AND THEN SOME, DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THOSE 2109 STAIRS UP THE WILLIS TOWER? * Use more action verbs GET IT DONE! * Pronounce words correctly WORKING ON IT * Try not to wretch when LOL pops up on a screen – IT’S NOT AS OFFENSIVE AS IT WAS * Mean it when you use an exclamation point. THAT TIES IN WITH SINCERITY * Have faith in people I KNOW YOU CAN! * DO NOT GET STOOD UP!  I DON’T REMEMBER…

How did your year go? There were some positive victories in 2013 for which I am giddy with gratitude, of course!  However, 2013 certainly had some obstacles along the way. I am certainly ready to embrace 2014.

NOTE FROM THE RANT N’ RAVER:  We are eight hours into 2014 and I have already received the most wonderful comment from a blogging buddy of mine!  She suggested I add “Inspirational” to my list.  So validating to hear that my writing can impact people and move them into positive action. Thank you for the wonderful new year’s gift and YOU keep on energizing others, as well. 

My wish for all in 2014 is to push yourself up to a fabulous view.

Happy 2014!

Breathe out the bad and embrace the good in 2014

Breathe out the bad and embrace the good in 2014

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  1. Looks like you nailed it!

  2. Bam! You did nail it, but you forgot to include “inspired life with the top down to get off the couch” which you did when with your post about doing the Insanity workout at your own pace. It changed my perspective and motivated me to “get moving.” I am down 33 pounds and doing CrossFit 3 to 4 times a week. Who knows, maybe I’ll take on the stair challenge this year. Thank you for your motivation in 2013 and all the best to you in 2014!!

    • LWTD – I shall have to add that as a PS. That is WONDERFUL NEWS! I knew you were preparing for a Mudrella race back in the summer. Keep up the awesome work!

      My friends at work told me that I should do an obstacle course next. I have to research what it’s called but it is like the Mudrella series but not as muddy, I believe.

      At any rate, I am so appreciative to hear such fantastic news and must use this kind comment as a reminder to get back in touch with my blog reading! 🙂

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