Frozen Waterfall

This year’s winter has not only caused a waterfall to freeze on the gutter of a neighboring building, it has frozen my voice in writing.

Frozen Waterfall Clinging to a Gutter

Frozen Waterfall Clinging to a Gutter

I am hopeful for a big thaw so I can ride my bike and play some tennis. During my hibernation, I have encountered some impressive customer service.


This morning, after three years of holding onto a long jacket with zipping challenges, I took it back to LL Bean. The associate took the jacket and said, “Let me teach you how to zip this jacket.” 

Oh boy. could he more condescending?  Actually, he was being helpful and I watched in delight as the zipper went up the jacket with ease.  “Let me try!!”  The zipper was fine, it was “operator error”.   Embarrassing, yes. But it’s more mortifying to not be able to zip my jacket when I am trying to leave some place in public!

LL Bean does receive complaints about their zippers. My guess is that many of those zippers are a double zipper like mine and perhaps there are frustrated users who just need to be properly taught how to zip the jacket.  Something I thought I had learned when I was five… I was wrong!

I left wearing my long winter jacket and had a spring reversible jacket in tow.  It was on sale and I really needed a new jacket. Did I procrastinate taking the jacket back? Yes.  If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found my spring jacket on sale!

How the Heck Does A Flush Mount Light Fixture Open?!

Whoever said that flush mount light fixtures are easy to open, LIED!

Whoever said that flush mount light fixtures are easy to open, LIED!

In other news, both of the bulbs went out in my flush mount light fixture in my hallway.  The electrician how installed it assured me that it was “girl-friendly.”  I attempted to sway the pin in the center of the dome to move and it didn’t.  I kept trying for a day and a half.  I took breaks.

All of my “handy or helpful friends” were out of reach and I couldn’t find any support groups online; so I went to Home Depot where the fixture was purchased – probably five years ago!  I saw two guys talking and they struck up a conversation with me.

Home Depot: “May we help you?”

Me: “Yes, I am trying to change the light bulbs on flush mount  fixture and the pin won’t budge!”

HD: “Do you live close by?’

Me: “No.”

HD: “Are you sure you don’t live close by?”

Me: “I guess I do.”

HD: “Donny, this young lady needs the bulbs switched out on a flush mount fixture.  Do you mind following her home and taking care of it? Pick up some bulbs before you go.”

Me: “Huh?”

I was absolutely stunned.  Within a half hour, the new bulbs were in place and I had light in my hallway.  Donny said that it was hard to turn so I was validated, too. I was really lucky that I just happened to bump into the store manager who provided such an unheard of solution.

These little glimmers of big displays of helpfulness and kindness are refreshing and give hope to humanity.  Thank you.

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  1. I smiled when I started reading. I too have a down, long LLBean coat with a double zipper. I love it. It’s really warm especially in winters like this. However, it’s hard to zip. Maybe I should go to the store for a lesson. Don’t you just love when a store actually has customer service?

    • Let me save you a trip, Kate 🙂 You push the two zippers all of the way to the bottom of your coat and let them stay there. Don’t touch! I know it’s impulse to want to yank at them but leave them be. Then take the other part of the zipper on the right and just literally place it in. At that point, you just lift up the zipper by the cord and it glides. It seems ridiculous but this really works! 🙂 PS I’m glad my post made you smile 🙂

    • Kate – I have an update on the zipper thing.. sit down and put the zipper in the track and pull it up. You laugh but it works for me! 🙂

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