4 Years of Ranting and Raving

Four years ago, the death of a close family friend, propelled me to take on this blog. Jeff  is a constant reminder NOT to squander time.

Yet, this past year, I have been somewhat inattentive to my blog. I shall put blogging back on my to-do list.  Because when I feel better, we all feel better.

Before I forget, quick guitar update. Totally nailed the most boring song ever, with the book closed and Teacher Man, formerly known as Fan Man (but that was lame), advanced me to my coveted “Are You Lonesome Tonight.” Giddy with gratitude! Any time spent with Elvis is time well spent. But I digress.

Per the site stats, here are the posts that had the most traction over the past year.

1. In the “You’ve got to be kidding me, it’s connected to my brother” category – a 30 second “Girl I Want to Skate Backwards with You” video featuring Scott Baio on the show, “See Dad Run” is the top viewed post by a landslide.  My brother wrote for that show and I met Scott. Our grown up Chachi/Charles in Charge is a very nice guy! I still watch this video, now two years old, and want to buy a new pair of roller blades.

2. Camp memories percolated in this touching tale starring  my very own handwritten letter to home.

3. My days of the Insanity workout never grow old.

4. 2109 Steps up the Willis Tower recap for 2013  yielded several hits and an epic photo of my exhausted push-up on the glass ledge, compliments of the sister of the aforementioned Jeff. The Willis Tower recap from 2012, did pretty well, too!  It’s fun comparing the two experiences year over year.

5. Separation anxiety occurred last May when I had to part ways with my three-piece wrought iron gator that my brother gave me as a housewarming present.

Until we meet again, I shall get back into my blogging groove. Thanks for the support, my voracious fan base.

This cake never gets old :)

This cake never gets old 🙂


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  1. Congrats on your 4 year anniversary!!

  2. Congrats and good for you! I need to get back in the swing of things too! You’re an inspiration! Awesome too regarding the guitar news. I’ve been doing more of that lately as well.

    • Thanks, Roger! It is you who inspires me with your introspective posts. It’s amazing how therapeutic writing is for us and somehow, we find ways not to fit it in. As my wise friend said, years ago, “Write it Down”!

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