Eat the Watermelon and Sing


The Month of Lauren had some amazing moments and I thank everyone who thought of me on the big day. I am very lucky! The month also had two notable losses. 

One of them was the untimely demise of a 53-year-old former colleague of mine. He was always very supportive of me, good-natured and funny. I haven’t seen him in four years but it seems like yesterday. “I’m on Team Lauren,” he would say as he greeted me with a big smile and exuded positivity.

The other loss was my guitar teacher’s 82-year-old mom who was in the hospital for quite a few weeks before dying a few days after Mother’s Day.  I had never met her but opted to show support by attending her memorial and get a mental snapshot of the person who had brought this encouraging and witty wordsmith, my guitar teacher, into the world.

One of the eulogies had a message that stuck with me. I believe and hope the spirit of the story is accurate. Some years ago, she, a singer, was performing in a parade when it was 105 degrees.  Her fellow performers were exhausted and hot.  When one of her co-performers commented that it was too hot to sing; she magically produced some hydration-inducing watermelon and proclaimed, essentially, Eat the watermelon and sing!

I love that. This vignette resonated with me, making me think of every lesson I have had with her son: when I get frustrated, he calmly and confidently pushes me back up.

Using watermelon as my inspiration, I threw it on the Scrabble board to see if I could paint a picture, based on the eulogies in the service.


Pleasant – that’s what “Naomi” means in Hebrew

I put a lot of time into practicing, to the bedevilment of my neighbors; it is my distraction of choice. However, it seems like my guitar playing has made a positive jump in the past month. My sense of timing and rhythm is improving. When I strum, I actually hit all the correct strings and chords that had once thwarted me now emerge with relative ease. Is this music I am making?

I’m sure his mom, somewhere, is kvelling that her son is so dedicated and successful in teaching the gift of music.  Thank you, Naomi! Aleha Hashalom.

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  1. Sorry for your losses.
    The scrabble board is great!
    Keep up the guitar. I tried and had no talent my teacher actually fired me. It was embarrassing!
    I’m over it 😊

  2. Thank you, Alex! The guitar is hard work and if you don’t have a patient teacher, it’s no fun!

  3. Words to live by and play by! Keep rockin on Lauren!

  4. Wouldn’t it be an amazing an peaceful road map to live by?! Thank you for kind words, LIFE, I appreciate it 🙂

  5. A pleasant Naomi… play and eat the watermelon! Sing!! 😉

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