Renewed Faith in Humankind

Every now and then, people do gracious gestures for people they don’t know. Good Samaritan or Mensch moments are magical. It’s so appreciated when people step up and make someone else’s life better with a little effort and consideration. While it’s nothing as dramatic as donating an organ; it is kindness and it matters. Who doesn’t like a feel-good moment?

The "El" Does Well

The “El” Does Well

This blurb below is written by my mom. 

A couple of weeks ago, I took the Purple Line from Evanston to the Adams stop in the Loop. I carried a canvas bag, precious to me since I got it in 2013 at the Venice Bienalle, and as I rode I read an Evanston library book called Chicago, O, Democracy! (well worth reading)–At the Washington stop, I put the novel in my bag, in preparation for my Adams departure.

A moment or two later on the platform, I realized I did not have my canvas bag!!–as the el sped away, I noted that it was line 507. Distraught, I wondered–should I race by foot across the Loop to catch the el at the Quincy stop? Probably no chance–besides, I was to be at a 10:00 meeting at the Chicago Architecture Foundation–no time. But I called the CTA and was told that Lost and Found is at the Howard stop.

So. . . after an anxiety-ridden day, I finally reached Howard at 5 and MIRACULOUSLY–my precious-to-me bag, including its contents, was in L&F’s care. Not only that, when I entered the Purple Line to Evanston, canvas bag securely over my shoulder, a woman approached me and said, “Oh, you have it–my friend and I found it this morning on the el, and couldn’t find a name in the bag so we gave it to the motorman.” I thanked her profusely–I did not get her name. My faith in humankind has been renewed.

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  1. I love happy endings especially when they are real.

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