Case of the Whippy Hair Snapper

Voracious Readers:

I have said for years that Weeping Willow mirrors hair….

Hair Flair

Hair Flair

But I digress.

While dining at a restaurant tonight with my mom, I noticed that she was smirking. I challenged her to release the cause of the humor but she assured me I would learn at a later time.

Shortly thereafter, my mom started to titter again. I turned around and a light brown mane, approximately two feet long, was unleashed over the back of the booth toward me as a teenage girl  tossed her tresses up and down on her head.  The curtain of frizzy fringe danced onto the top of the booth behind me, narrowly missing side-swiping my head.

Moments later, she wants her long locks to go into a bun. So, once again, the mop of madness sprouts on top of her head like a Chia Pet at turbo speed.  Hair…everywhere. For ten minutes, I was completely enthralled as the whippy hair snapper couldn’t stop playing with her hair!  Apparently, I had missed when she took out her brush to care for it…while at the dining table…

I did enjoy imagining her straight strands falling into the mashed sweet potatoes or knocking off a bread roll or propelling a glass of wine as her heavy hair settled onto the booth, again, and again…but my mom was right.

I’m glad I didn’t know while I ate…but how would you react if you saw this happening behind you?

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  1. mary mclaughlin

    Lauren- the description of the ‘mop of madness’ was so vivid- gone are the days (my era) when anyone working around food- wore a hair net- that practice needs to be resurrected for some customers as well!- love, mary mcl.

  2. Yikes isn’t amazing how self absorbed some people are. Didn’t this young lady realize she was in a resturant and not in the ladies room. I can’t believe you didn’t come at her with a famous Lauren quip LOL

  3. Dear Lord!
    Excuse me, until you are Beyonce and have people to clean up your stray strands after an impromptu video shoot….go to the bathroom to tend to that mop like the rest of the peasants. Thanks … enjoy your meal.
    Good to see you back Lauren!

  4. Just plain gross. I was at a party once. There was young woman with long hair standing next to the buffet table. She kept running her hands through her hair. I was at an angle and with the sun shining could see the dandruff falling into the cookies. Best thing for a diet.

  5. Icky! Yes, indeed, Kate 🙂

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