How Did You Get Here?

Wow,  I have to admit there have been some amusing phrases typed in the browser bar that got you here.  Take a look.

  • rein rant and rave
  • session balloons
  • sun waking up
  • donkey beer is the most popular search term as of June 1, 2013
  • camp douglas smith is number two 
  • also popular – anything relating to crooked glasses such as: do people really notice crooked glasses? first graders with glasses, first grade glasses, 4th grade glasses, why are my glasses crooked? my glasses seem crooked, crooked glasses, glasses crooked, fat blonde little girl with glasses (thanks search engines, really appreciate that)!
  • wiffle ball poem
  • jasons deli new ice cream
  • pontoon boat shirts
  • jason’s deli
  • wiffle ball strike zone
  • glow in the dark wiffle ball and bat
  • reinrantnrave.word
  • good chat – you tell em, Funny Bone!
  • chutney wiffle ball summer ’08
  • jeff berger – the blog is dedicated to him.
  • wiffle ball strike zone construction
  • how to reduce water splash under a pontoon boat
  • rant n rave blog
  • rein rant rave
  • dunk tank
  • paint by numbers easter
  • jason’s deli and ice cream cones
  • rave with humor
  • a giggle a day keeps
  • rantnrave yukon august 8
  • pontoon splash
  • door crack blocker – perhaps connected to Baby Door Hanger post? Kind of scary!
  • rant & rein
  • sterno lid
  • rant n raves – cowboys
  • “suckered” “dunk tank” – who hasn’t been suckered?!
  • rant and rein
  • rant & rave with humor?
  • sneeze – I used sneeze in Attack of the Gum Smack post…that’s pretty amazing.
  • how soap and water make bubbles
  • is technology bringing us together – sometimes I think it does.
  • pumpkinized 
  • s technology pushing us apart – sometimes I think it does.
  • unit publicist forums
  • reinrantrave
Regardless of how you got here, I hope you come back!

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