These are translations of words or acronyms that I use that probably don’t sound like English because they are hybrids of real words.  Some I have already used in my posts and some will make their way in here, at some point.

  • Blogress = blog + di(gress)  It’s digress but since I am doing it in a blog, it only makes sense that it be called  “blogress”.
  • Mushamental – what can I say, it’s when I get sentimental and the mush in me comes out. You know, the deep posts that I tag as humor and this unfamiliar feeling of moisture comes out of your eyes.
  • Giddyfication – self explanatory – typically happens when I am around blue shirts or excessive quantities of wasabi or avocado
  • Stunnation – happens rarely but when it does, sweet!  It’s major stun power equivalent to that of a nation.
  • Shockification – apparently I like adding words to “ifcation”.
  • P.D.S (Patience Deficiency Syndrome) an affliction that debuted in the “Get It Right” post.
  • Pumpkinization. I can’t really take credit for this one. MVP named it when he witnessed me “hit the wall” during our reunion weekend in September. We all do it.  Your energy is amazing but then, all of a sudden, you promptly fade and must disappear from view immediately!
  • Clustercluck – just being polite…there is another word that most people say instead.
  • SOUE (Sort of Using English) – when one’s writing is hijacked by the smartphone keyboard.

For example, I have noticed that the SPAM comments that hit blogs tends to be SOUE.  

  1. Love them. You are awesome!!

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