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When Rejection Turns to Affection

Last month, I was inspired to make good on creating a photo wall that has eluded me for well over a decade.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t usually procrastinate and am usually considered the proactive planner.  However, it took me that long to get all of my participants in order to see which ones would populate the wall. My brother named this space the “Museum of Lauren.”

During this creative process, I decided to rearrange my framed art that was sporadically hidden in various places throughout my place or due to poor placement, they were camouflaged on any given wall.

I unveiled a gem that was prominently placed in my kitchen, that has since been moved (by special messenger – me) to the “Museum”.

Some of the best bonds are those that are unexpected and draw you in like a big magnet.

Some of the best bonds are those that are unexpected and draw you in like a big magnet.

Why am I drawn to a painting of myself and a dog, you ask?   Read the rest of this entry

Doting Swan or Swan Yawn?

Doting Swan or Swan Yawn?

I took this picture last year on a peaceful summer day when I was at a local garden. The Garden is where I go to decompress and regenerate for the coming week.  I was impressed that I could catch the swan with outstretched wings shaped perfectly like a heart.

It’s interesting because the other two swans in front could not be less interested.  They are fixated on the food.  Do they not know what they missed standing behind them?

The other thought is that the beautiful swan is completely bored by watching Frick and Frack and yawns; and then transforms into this stunning pose.

Sadly, we will never know.

If anything, it’s a lesson in being more observant in what is around us at “that” moment. How often do we “intend” to do something and we don’t?

Perhaps it’s a suggestion to turn off the countdown clock to whatever event we are looking forward to, and instead living “that” moment… right now.

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