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Guacamole Bliss

My birthday is coming up and it made me think of many people who take that day off like it’s a national holiday, or something. Well, it is, in a way, so I kind of understand it but it is fun to see if people remember your special day.

Years ago, I was working at a bank as a teller and was going through my huge Elvis infatuation phase and started an Elvis collection. Celebrating birthdays was complicated because you only had a couple of breaks and a short break for lunch and everything was staggered.

At that time, I had brought my Elvis cook book into work and noticed that a co-worker had taken it from me to borrow.  Bill was a big practical jokester. One can only imagine what we was doing to my coveted collectible. Was he putting his face on all of the Elvis photos?!

Shortly,  SMARTY PANTS came back with a plate and presented it to me at my teller station.  I looked at the plate and saw a Read the rest of this entry

The One That ALMOST Got Away…

Pret A Manger moved into my town a couple of months ago and my life was immediately transformed to a higher level of giddiness.

I walked into see a cooler full of fresh and natural food without fake ingredients. You know, food that is actually good for you AND tastes good?  As I looked closer…it was as if a huge light was beaming down onto the cooler at that moment…because their salads and sandwiches were overflowing with my favorite ingredient – Read the rest of this entry

For Here or To Go?

Avocado has an amazing ability to bring out the endorphins in me; it makes me “happy”. It’s like my own version of a 5 Hour Energy Drink. You either love it or have it and I am smitten, for sure.

Like most people, I have a few “regular places” that I go to for lunch and I have my routine down when ordering. First words are  TO GO, then I mention my order and ADD GUACAMOLE.

The order taker repeated the order to me and asked,  “You want that guacamole on the side, right?” I replied, “No, I want it on the entrée I ordered.” Read the rest of this entry

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