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Camp Douglas Smith Diaries Part 2

Dear Riveted Readers:

When I wrote part 1 of this series, I had just found letters that I had written to my family while I was at overnight camp for a month. I wrote some interesting things back then but the underlying theme was pretty obvious. Read the rest of this entry

Camp Douglas Smith Diaries: Part 1

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, which means absolutely nothing to me. So I am focusing energy on one of my other projects.  I have two projects going on that require a blog, Twitter, and Facebook activity which seems to be my “thing” lately, so it has been fun.

My grade school is turning 75 in a few years and that has been keeping me busy with the daunting task of finding 75 years worth of students! However, now my energy is on my camp reunion that happens in  June.  Yikes!! Pressure!   Read the rest of this entry

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