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Mint Melt You Away

To the Rein Rant N’ Rave Nation, thank you for your amazing encouragement regarding my last post. I intend to write about some of the antics that have been going on but I am making a slight diversion as some people have been asking me for the latest recipe of a cookie I made. I know, that’s crazy.  Who would think that this baker extraordinaire, who uses her oven as storage, can bake a yummy cookie.

Last month, I was dragged, kicking and screaming, Read the rest of this entry

Cookie Exchange Chaos

A couple of weeks ago, I was bullied into making a sweet “holiday” treat for our cookie exchange at work.  This thought stressed me out, greatly. In fact, I announced on Facebook that I would not be participating and Aimless went nuts!  Peer pressure took over and the comments were endless. 

Fortunately, a friend, Rosey,  invited me over for a cookie-making baking party. Another friend, Chatty Starbucks,  came up with my recipe while still another friend, Bootsie,  executed the hard parts for me.  

Like mixing the eggs into the brownie mix – correctly.  Or pounding down the batter so it was all even and getting it into two pans equally. Or cracking the egg so that the shell didn’t get into the batter.  I looked at Bootsie cracking the eggs without any worry that a shell would get into the mix. That is risky behavior, my friends! 

Meanwhile, I was drinking a beer and munching down some guacamole and carrots.  Like I said, a rough night. Here is photo proof;  sweet sweat equity in action. Read the rest of this entry

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