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Frozen Waterfall

This year’s winter has not only caused a waterfall to freeze on the gutter of a neighboring building, it has frozen my voice in writing.

Frozen Waterfall Clinging to a Gutter

Frozen Waterfall Clinging to a Gutter

I am hopeful for a big thaw so I can ride my bike and play some tennis. During my hibernation, I have encountered some impressive customer service.


This morning, after three years of holding onto a long jacket with zipping challenges, I took it back to LL Bean. The associate took the jacket and said, “Let me teach you how to zip this jacket.” 

Oh boy. could he more condescending?  Actually, he was being helpful and I watched in delight as the zipper went up the jacket with ease.  “Let me try!!”  The zipper was fine, it was “operator error”.   Embarrassing, yes. But it’s more mortifying to not be able to zip my jacket when I am trying to leave some place in public!

LL Bean does receive complaints about their zippers. My guess is that many of those zippers are a double zipper like mine and perhaps there are frustrated users who just need to be properly taught how to zip the jacket.  Something I thought I had learned when I was five… I was wrong!

I left wearing Read the rest of this entry

Finding the Right Pair of Glasses

“Your face is off.” That is a memorable quote from my visit with a feisty little optician in the fall of 2011.

Flash forward to almost two and half years later. I am gazing upon the eye-glass frames at a different store, eagerly wondering what fantastic frame will bless my face while I play tennis and take my refreshing bike rides to the Chicago Botanic Garden when it is NOT 0 degrees outside.

I remark to the optician, “I really like purple.”

She handed me an ugly maroon/bruise colored oblong goofy-shaped frame and said, “Here, these are sporty.”  I gasped at the not only ugly color but the incredibly unflattering frame shape. I put them on and looked like Mrs. Magoo. Read the rest of this entry

Why Won’t You Take My Money?

Have you ever gone to a place of business when you have a gift card, but it’s not for the dollar amount you need so you want to pay with the gift card and cash or another credit card?  Let me just clarify, whenever anyone gives me any type of gift, I am always thrilled. We all should be.

I was faced with this situation the other day.  I realized the transaction was going to be annoying to the checker-outer person (and unintentionally the people behind me) but I was going to give it a try.

I said, “Okay, please put $25 on this one and $25 on this one and the remainder on this one. BUT you can’t go over $25 on the first two cards because I’ll get a fee.”  She looked at me like a deer in headlights. Uh oh. I explained once again. See above quote but say it a little slower.

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The Eyes Have It

Breaking up is hard to do. In November 2010, I started a rocky relationship but flat-out fell in love. When we were together, I felt more confident, my eyes seemed bluer, and we took many bike rides together.  Not to mention the awesome photos we took. Oh, the memories, the two of us shared.  

We spent lots of time at the gym. When we took walks together outside, the world got darker so I wouldn’t have to squint.  We went to our high school reunion together and some adjustments needed to be made since he tended to get bent out of shape, frequently.  No relationship is perfect, right?

 I played the field. Read the rest of this entry

The Apple of My Eye

Back in April I wrote about how giddy I was that I had won a massive gift card at work. You may laugh, but I don’t think massive is an overstatement.  This week, I finally put it to use. The card has been sitting on my night table for the last four months.  I put off spending it because I was waiting for Mountain Lion to come out and then the summer slipped away.

I finally marched into the Apple Store on Monday and bought my new Mac Book Pro as my current Mac Book was over 5 years old and needed to take a break.

When I walked in, the very kind sales person read off my goodie list and I presented him with my rewards card as I crossed my fingers that it would go through. Success!  Then I giggled like a school kid at the realization that my out-of-pocket expense for my new laptop was Read the rest of this entry

Tourist in my Own Town #2

This past weekend, my aunt was in town with her besties and allowed me, my mom, and uncle to crash the party on Saturday.  My mom is a docent with the Chicago Architecture Foundation so she gave us all an impromptu tour that began at the Chicago Cultural Center. 

I had a photo war with one of my auntie’s besties which was fun. To my defense, I was only using my phone!

Louis Comfort Tiffany Art Glass Dome

Apparently, this Tiffany dome is the largest in the world and was restored in 2008. It’s quite spectacular.

Afterwards, we ate lunch at Read the rest of this entry

You Nailed It

I’m not sure what I heard as it wasn’t in English but I believe it went something like this.  The person who is doing your pedicure, and has done so, for years with a very nice and consistent tip, is speaking in her language with her co-pedicure doers.  She is pointing at you. She is laughing. Now the tittering becomes a chorus, almost like the “wave” in the stadium as each pedicure lady giggles and stares at me.

If I could flip my middle toe a certain way, I would take a picture right now. Cheers to you! Read the rest of this entry

Mojo Magic

Last night I drove home from an enjoyable evening and heard a thump as the wheels moved. I looked for my air pressure warning light to go on but it didn’t. I pulled into my garage and inspected my tires.  I saw some lovely scuff marks as a result of my phenomenal parallel parking skills. Fortunately, the way I had parked allowed me to see a massive Read the rest of this entry

Customer Service Challenged Chaos!

At times, it is easy to think the world is laughing at you as various incidents that seem well-intentioned go wrong and you feel like you are in a practical joke that won’t end.  It’s as if a storm cloud is following you around and raining bad mojo all over anything nice that you do!

My colleague, AIMLESS, decided to get lunch for her team a few days ago. 

She wanted to get pizza because it was easy but then members of her team complained so she caved and ordered individual salads from a place near by.  Sure, some people didn’t want everything on the salad, so she had to take notes and repeat the order about five times while on the phone. 

The place serves three types of chicken on their salads:

Because You Believe in Me – Give Me More of Your Money!

For over a quarter of a decade, I paid some people to look after me if I ever had an accident in my car or some horrific occurrence in my home. Last month, I decided to shop around for other people to look out for me and found out that my “loyalty” was rewarded with sub par coverage and steady premium increases year after year.  ED NOTE: I am tagging this as humor because one would think this was a joke and it is.  But it’s not funny, if you know what I mean.

They had no interest in keeping me as a customer. In fact, when I called them to bring up the ridiculous premium difference, the agent said that she could probably come up with that rate, too, if I were calling for a quote!  What?!  You mean, you are punishing me for being a loyal customer?  That is what it sounded like to me.
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