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You Should Totally Write a Blog About That…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take It From Me.”  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself? This one is so simple. You just start a blog and write about….” I find myself saying that to so many people in my life.

Yet, It has been weeks, if not months, where I have gotten back on track with my own blog.  I keep giving myself an out with a cornucopia of vacuous excuses. I have the time NOW to do it and I haven’t.

Which leads me to the second bit of advice I give to everyone and abuse it chronically.  Do not squander time….”   

Instead of directing someone to write about the topics on my mind, it’s time to step it up and get it done myself.
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How to Blast Past the Blues

Melancholia seems to be all around us these days and it’s easy to get sucked into the negative vortex.  Those who get served constant helpings of unwanted or undeserved mind screw soufflé can become frustrated or blue. I have no shame in realizing that I am disenchanted by people who represent themselves as sincere but are disingenuous.

Fear prompts the blues and insincerity is caused by fear.

To get past this yucky feeling, I rant! I say some inappropriate words but am usually able to put a funny spin on a disappointing situation. I can laugh at myself and have to. During moments like these, my writer’s block is no longer an obstacle because I can just write without distraction.

Last night, one of my lifelong friends gave me a pencil because none of my pens were working and challenged me to wax poetic. I laughed at the thought.  I hadn’t written poems since college. For inspiration, I took out my old book of rantings and ravings which included my touching Wiffleball Wonderland poem that I wrote about my childhood neighbors, but I digress. Over the next couple of hours, I just blurted out words. By the end of the evening, eight words came out: Read the rest of this entry

If I Fall For You, I’ll Never Recover

Dear Voracious  Fan Base of me, myself, and I:

Apologies for the delay in correspondence, I have been pre-occupied but today’s daily prompt inspired me because I only have to mention the third line of the last song I heard and make it the post title and then rant for 15 minutes.

THAT, I can do!  So, thanks to Maroon 5 for invading my brain with “Love Somebody”, but I digress.

During the last couple of weeks, I have seen posts on Facebook of adorable children with a sign reading, “First Day of (please fill in the blank).  It’s back to school already, hard to believe.

Back in the day before technology spoiled us, we didn’t have 10,000 photos of us by the age we were two. Not even for the first child!  We had that old-fashioned camera where one had to put film in it, shoot the entire roll,  and then transport the film to the drug store and wait a few days to have them developed and it was pretty expensive!

The anticipation was awesome and having any redeemable photos became treasures representing a snippet of a precious moment in time.

Our expectations were very low. In fact, if one got a good shot, it was a major surprise. One would have pinky prints on the picture or unexpected views of feet or bodies without heads.

Not to get “ahead of ourselves” but this was a typical photo on a roll of film at a family gathering. Is that my uncle, is that my dad? Will we ever know?

They could be blurry or they could be full of shadows with a fabulous background.

Check out the fabulous background of a family vacation – scenic shadow takes over. Wait, who is in that picture, anyway?!

One would shoot the photo and have no clue if the photo was any good and perhaps a couple of years later, the roll of film would get developed and one would be treated to a fabulous flashback of a lifetime milestone that got lost in a drawer somewhere.

Technology has made it a no-brainer to capture events such as the first day of school.  No more waiting until the roll is finished to have the satisfaction of knowing if a photograph turned out. Back then, photos would be taken and developed – whether you were ready or not! It was kind of charming! Think of all of the photos we threw away because they were of poor quality!

You are NOT taking a photo!

So, while everyone was all giddy over the shots of their kids back to school, I dug into the photo albums I absconded from my childhood bedroom at my house and found

surely, there is something riveting when you click this, right?

The Success Connection

This morning I was challenged to look at all of my posts and hone in on the top five to determine a common pattern that enables me to connect with my readers.

Understand, I don’t consider a post successful based on the number of views it receives or the number of  “likes” or comments.  I base it purely on whether people acknowledge that I wrote it and it reached them in someway. I’ll never forget one reader who said she felt like she was right there as I told the story. Moments like those keep me writing.

5. SEO part 1. If you look up donkey beer like many people do, you’ll be treated to this playful post about my experience with a dunk tank.  Nobody liked the post, perse, but it’s popular because people like donkey beer.

4. Facebook. Relatability. Real Life. Anyone with glasses can relate to the ongoing task of trying to get one’s glasses uncrooked.  People also like looking at a 4 year old girl with glasses. It’s a sentimental favorite of mine, for sure, because I KNOW people laugh when they see this post and I’m laughing with them.

3. The nostalgia angle. Read the rest of this entry

When Rejection Turns to Affection

Last month, I was inspired to make good on creating a photo wall that has eluded me for well over a decade.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t usually procrastinate and am usually considered the proactive planner.  However, it took me that long to get all of my participants in order to see which ones would populate the wall. My brother named this space the “Museum of Lauren.”

During this creative process, I decided to rearrange my framed art that was sporadically hidden in various places throughout my place or due to poor placement, they were camouflaged on any given wall.

I unveiled a gem that was prominently placed in my kitchen, that has since been moved (by special messenger – me) to the “Museum”.

Some of the best bonds are those that are unexpected and draw you in like a big magnet.

Some of the best bonds are those that are unexpected and draw you in like a big magnet.

Why am I drawn to a painting of myself and a dog, you ask?   Read the rest of this entry

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