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Ride it Out

Weather permitting, I push myself to take long bicycle rides on the weekends. Given our brutal weather in the Midwest, I was pretty elated to be able to ride 40 miles this past Sunday.  There is nothing like a ride offering decompression that lasts for half a day.

From a cardio point of view, I wasn’t fatigued at all. In fact, when I got to my half-way point at 20 miles in, a part of me wanted to bike all the way to Wisconsin.  My brother did that once.

Great Lakes Naval Base - 1/2 Way to 40 or Do I Ride to Wisconsin?

Great Lakes Naval Base – 1/2 Way to 40 or Do I Ride to Wisconsin?

He would pedal on his bike until the sun went down. He didn’t concern himself with how he would get home. However, it did hit him that he could not ride in the dark on a major highway – without a light.

In an age that offered no cell phones, he promptly found a pay phone at McDonald’s and called our father hoping that he would be home. Moments later, our dad said, “Found your brother! Come on, we’re going to Kenosha to pick him up – he rode his bike there this afternoon.” I was so impressed that he had gone 50 miles on a bike at one time!

Some people are baffled as to why I would choose to spend four or five hours of my precious weekend time on a bike. It’s a gift and as long as I can keep pedaling, I will do it. It’s time away to reflect and re-group.  Granted, I have climbed 2,109 stairs of the Willis Tower, twice. But, I digress.

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2109 Steps Up the Willis Tower

And that’s taking the stairs, not the elevator!

Getting back into the stair climb state of mind

Getting back into the stair climb state of mind

Last year I climbed 2,109 stairs/103 flights to the skydeck of the Willis Tower in Chicago. I had five weeks to train and I made it up all of the steps with a collection of fabulous firemen waiting to be in photos with me. Could be worse!  Exhilarating! Exhausting! Here’s a flashback to last year’s climb.

Revving the engine to get to the top

Revving the engine to get to the top

It’s hard to believe that it’s time for me to start thinking about this climb again. Especially since I feel like I JUST caught my breath.  This year, I have a little less than three months to train.  Not quite as much pressure but I obviously want to beat last year’s time and raise more money for Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

This climb's going into overdrive!

This climb’s going into overdrive!

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Insanity Workout – 7 Weeks Later


You may recall that I started the Insanity workout on April 1. Believe it or not, the program is absolutely addicting and rewarding.

For the most part, I have been very committed to this program since I began.  I am still in the first month cycle because I have been out-of-town a couple of times and want to get every little morsel of reward out of the first month before I sojourn into month two which will be intense. I believe you do jumps on your head and other crazy moves. Then again, if you asked me in March if I would be able to do a power jack (essentially a horizontal jumping jack with a push up on the floor) – I would have just laughed.

During both of my trips, I did abbreviated versions of the workout. I even had an eight year old pleading with me to teach her some of the moves. She was really into it. It was cute, during the warm up, she asked when it was time for a water break.


This workout allowed me to get new clothing in a smaller size.  You know, the size I had in college.  Within three weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my arms. The toning is incredible! Giddy! Giddy! Giddy!

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The First Week of Insanity

Wow, I’m guessing the title of this post could be a bit misleading.  A couple of weeks ago, I had noticed that a Facebook friend kept writing about Read the rest of this entry

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