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Audience Appeal

I was introduced to a Seth MacFarlane show, “Family Guy”, by an ex-boyfriend. At first, I was completely repulsed by the show and questioned why I was seeing a guy who appreciated this questionable brand of humor.  But I was magically transfixed. Despite the flagrant irreverence evident in the show, I learned to enjoy the humor.  It was definitely an acquired taste.

When I found out that Seth MacFarlane was hosting the Oscars, I wondered how someone as “edgy” as he is could successfully reach the entire Oscar audience. The range in diversity is huge and his true following represents just a snippet of the people watching.  Someone Read the rest of this entry

Do You Like Me?

Riveted Readers!

Exciting news! My last post about my amusing attempt  of portraying a band booster that inspired such wonderful hits (yet to be written) as:

  • You’re Pretty Good, Will You Please Be My Ringtone On My Phone? 
  • Get Your Groove on the Postage Stamp-Sized Dance Floor WOOOOOOO
  • Unintentional Body Slamming Guaranteed
  • Check Out Read the rest of this entry

Watch The Credits

TV shows and movies were an important part of my childhood.  My parents ALWAYS let me stay up for the Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Groups: aka Chaotic Conversation

Facebook has replaced the need for most reunion planning companies, yet it seems to be undermining the efforts of reunion planning via their incredibly user-UNfriendly group pages.  

Do you ever get frustrated with the way topics and thoughts can get lost in the new Facebook group format?  Photos and comments keep bouncing up and down the page as people look at each post. It is great that people are so passionate about expressing their thoughts and they should not be prevented from doing so, but the irony is that the end result is people aren’t being heard. Read the rest of this entry

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