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Case of the Whippy Hair Snapper

Voracious Readers:

I have said for years that Weeping Willow mirrors hair….

Hair Flair

Hair Flair

But I digress.

While dining at a restaurant tonight with my mom, I noticed that she was smirking. I challenged her to release the cause of the humor but she assured me I would learn at a later time.

Shortly thereafter, my mom started to titter again. I turned around and a light brown mane, approximately two feet long, was unleashed over the back of the booth toward me as a teenage girl Read the rest of this entry

Peekaboo Moon: The Garden After Dark

Last night, I took a “class”with my mom called “The Garden After Dark” at the Chicago Botanic Garden, taught by Julie Siegel of J. Siegel Designs. Julie, the creation of a  photographer and painter, developed a strong appreciation for art and passion for plants which was the perfect recipe for her to blossom into a landscape design authority.

The first twenty minutes was a power point presentation. We were reminded about how our other senses kick into overdrive when one of them is diminished.  So, the smell of the garden increases as does the power of touch and hearing. Clearly I was in the class, as in most cases, to provide comic relief.  Read the rest of this entry

Nebulous Marshmallow Trampolines

When I was a kid, I thought that clouds tasted like marshmallows and you could jump on them like trampolines.  It was a great concept, you could just rip off a piece of the cloud and nosh on it in between jumping sessions. Much like a bouncy house, but it was made of marshmallows. If the cloud was of the friendly kind, to quench your thirst, you could swing down and catch some water from the mist it provided. 

Mesmerizing Trampolines

I was a bit surprised and horrified when I went through my first series of Read the rest of this entry

Just Another Day at the Office

I believe it was the summer of 2003 when a friend of mine and I were “golfing” with the rest of our office, as the result of an incentive at work.   Every year on my birthday, I would drag my family to play miniature golf but the actual sport of golf never spoke to me. So, it wasn’t surprising that Gidget and I were thrown together to create the dynamic divot-making duo that would change the golfing world!

FORE! After many attempts at trying to make contact with the ball and having many anxious golfing foursomes fly past us, we were finally settling in our zone.  I went to pick up my ball on a hill and there were a plethora of them.

Which one was mine?

This moon would be much easier to find than the golf ball I lost that day!

I did what any ill-informed visitor/borderline tourist at a golf course would do. Read the rest of this entry

Who Knew That Paper Could Become Scissors?!

This past week, over two days, I sustained seven paper cuts on my hands!  By the end of the second day, I looked like I was in a street fight.  However, I was merely at work. I was getting really irritated, pardon the pun. Can one put a restraining order on paper cuts?!  I could show you riveting photos of my snagged cuticles and the rips and slices on my fingers, but that seems a bit unpleasant.

In addition to being beat up, my week was full of meetings.  So, I was relieved to be able to sneak in a visit to my favorite retreat, Read the rest of this entry

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