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Just Another Day at the Office

I believe it was the summer of 2003 when a friend of mine and I were “golfing” with the rest of our office, as the result of an incentive at work.   Every year on my birthday, I would drag my family to play miniature golf but the actual sport of golf never spoke to me. So, it wasn’t surprising that Gidget and I were thrown together to create the dynamic divot-making duo that would change the golfing world!

FORE! After many attempts at trying to make contact with the ball and having many anxious golfing foursomes fly past us, we were finally settling in our zone.  I went to pick up my ball on a hill and there were a plethora of them.

Which one was mine?

This moon would be much easier to find than the golf ball I lost that day!

I did what any ill-informed visitor/borderline tourist at a golf course would do. Read the rest of this entry

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