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Patriotic Toes Series 2013

Last year I introduced the patriotic toe series, my greeting card, if you will, to pay homage to the birthday celebration of America.  

I have a few vivid memories of his holiday. One is with firecrackers, bought in another state, proudly popping in the backyard of one of my honorary auntie’s. I giggled and covered my ears. I thought it was remarkable that a mom would bond with her son this way. She’d offer, “Which ones are we doing next?”

Lots of parades. I remember observing a lifelong friend march with his high school band. This was my introduction to celebrity as a young teenager. He was sweating from the intense combination of the sun, his wool suit, and that perky teenager clapping in the crowd, as music boomed from his drum. That must have been a tough gig.

I was the floatmaster when I worked at a bank. The first year I was able to rally the troops to build a float, it was a labor of love!  The next year we realized we could rent one. Our first one was much better, due to the sweat equity, no doubt. But I digress.

Riveted readers who follow my toes may recall that I don’t have an easy time finding comfortable sandals. 

Which Sandal Captures my Soul, I mean Sole of my Foot.

Which Sandal Captures my Soul, I mean Sole of my Foot?

Yes…those are red, white, and blue lights dancing on top of my feet... Read the rest of this entry

Patriotic Toes Series

A few years ago, a friend in my office bought some patriotic swag to wear at work to get people into the spirit of the 4th of July. I rolled my eyes at it but then went home to get a pedicure and this happened: Read the rest of this entry

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