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You Should Totally Write a Blog About That…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take It From Me.”  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself? This one is so simple. You just start a blog and write about….” I find myself saying that to so many people in my life.

Yet, It has been weeks, if not months, where I have gotten back on track with my own blog.  I keep giving myself an out with a cornucopia of vacuous excuses. I have the time NOW to do it and I haven’t.

Which leads me to the second bit of advice I give to everyone and abuse it chronically.  Do not squander time….”   

Instead of directing someone to write about the topics on my mind, it’s time to step it up and get it done myself.
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Promotion in Motion Commotion

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to travel back to a childhood-like state of innocence and color some eggs at a friend’s house. Given my lack of blogging over the last couple of weeks, it may not be too surprising that my creativity was clogged.

I’m not an artist so you won’t find any pretty drawings on any eggs that I concoct.  My “artwork” is all about words.  Words that have been trapped for a while. Finally, I stopped over thinking and the words flew out of me.  Thank goodness.

It was a like a free-write session on eggs.  Kind of cool. I think my fellow egg designers were a bit baffled by my artistic expression, but I had a good time and it was almost therapeutic.

Elizabeth Andrew said, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

I’ve been investing much of my free time in Read the rest of this entry

Gift Giving For Busy People

I’m going to give you something for free. There are some conditions:

  • Cash it in by Friday of this week!
  • Have a Kindle, because the book is on Amazon!
  • When you purchase it, spread the word, to increase awareness of this wonderful offer and save people from unneeded stress. So, if you are on Facebook, you put the link on your page, put it on your blog, etc.

Easy enough, right?  Back in college, I had an appointment that I HAD to attend, despite the fact that there was an ice storm of the century. I waited in the frozen rain for a good hour for my cab to show up.  Some cabs showed up, but not mine.   Read the rest of this entry

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