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You Nailed It

I’m not sure what I heard as it wasn’t in English but I believe it went something like this.  The person who is doing your pedicure, and has done so, for years with a very nice and consistent tip, is speaking in her language with her co-pedicure doers.  She is pointing at you. She is laughing. Now the tittering becomes a chorus, almost like the “wave” in the stadium as each pedicure lady giggles and stares at me.

If I could flip my middle toe a certain way, I would take a picture right now. Cheers to you! Read the rest of this entry

This is Crazy! Vote for the Best!

I’ll admit it. I watch American Idol and have since the second to last episode of the first season.  Some seasons I get into it more than others. But, I never vote for one of the contestants. 

As the seasons have progressed, I have cut down on my viewership and don’t truly start getting hooked until the finalists are announced.  For the first time, last night, I actually enjoyed the Ford commercial. It was a sketch in pencil with each contestant showing up as a bouncing head throughout the sketch. It was cool and I was riveted. Most of them are just silly. Or, maybe I just don’t get the profound joy of singing a goofy song that revolves around a car with bizarre plots.

The show opened with the “teaser” that there would be shocking results. Surely, one of my favorites: Colton, Elise, Hollie, Joshua, Phillip or Skylar would not be voted off. Oh, did I forget someone? 

Then the judges paraded onto the stage and ripped away the microphone to save their favorite, Read the rest of this entry

Because You Believe in Me – Give Me More of Your Money!

For over a quarter of a decade, I paid some people to look after me if I ever had an accident in my car or some horrific occurrence in my home. Last month, I decided to shop around for other people to look out for me and found out that my “loyalty” was rewarded with sub par coverage and steady premium increases year after year.  ED NOTE: I am tagging this as humor because one would think this was a joke and it is.  But it’s not funny, if you know what I mean.

They had no interest in keeping me as a customer. In fact, when I called them to bring up the ridiculous premium difference, the agent said that she could probably come up with that rate, too, if I were calling for a quote!  What?!  You mean, you are punishing me for being a loyal customer?  That is what it sounded like to me.
Read the rest of this entry

You, Sir, Are a Rude Dude!

Dear Voracious Readers:

Sometimes I wish I could just throw the letters from a Scrabble game on the table and see what words develop to inspire my next post. I got hooked on Scrabble on New Year’s Eve. I have always liked puzzles, so this wasn’t too surprising. I’m not going to lie, it’s much more entertaining with alcohol in one’s system, but I digress.

I am fortunate enough to live a few blocks away from the movies.  For the most part, the viewing experience is a wonderful escape.  However, I can think of two times that standout as somewhat uncomfortable. 

The first one when I saw “War Horse” with my mom.  It was a full house.  I had volunteered to move over a couple of seats so that a woman and her mom could sit together.  I got the seat with the gum.  But, mom assured me it was there from an earlier movie we saw so it shouldn’t be sticky.  So much for doing a good deed!

Although, it was kind of funny because someone ended up spilling popcorn on her and if I hadn’t moved, that would have been me or my mom…but I digress, once again.

The previews start and to my left, I hear the daughter, probably in her 30s, uttering the most annoying sweet sigh as if one was watching “Bambi” for the first time. My mom and I exchanged amusing glances after the first sigh.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of us in the back of the theatre, I could hear a symphony of disgusting noises.  Snorting, coughing and other unpleasantries.  We really thought this guy was going to be somewhat repulsive.  Sometimes when we heard a noise, my mom and I grabbed each other’s arm in comfort as if we were watching a horror show.   Read the rest of this entry

Attack of the Gum Smack

There’s something very magical about watching a child make the perfect bubble with a wand and some soap. I know, you are thinking, where is the gum smack rant?  People don’t want to feel good when they read a blog about ranting.  They want angst.  They want to know someone else is worse off than themselves.  I mean, sure it could all be a “put on” but for a brief moment, you are transfixed by someone else’s overall state of  dishevelment and feel good. I get it and I’m happy to oblige. But, give me a second to build to it.  Much like the way a bubble gets made.  The bubble doesn’t just happen! Read the rest of this entry

Social Networking & Technology: Bringing Us Together Or Pushing Us Apart?

Sometimes I love you, sometimes I need a break.  Here comes the rave about social networking and technology:  

  • Well, if you are my friend, I get to see your inviting profile picture on my phone when I call,  text, or email you or when you call, email, or text me. I wonder when the last time we talked was…
  • I get to see pictures of you; added bonus if I am in them which remind us of all of our wonderful moments in time. 🙂 
  • I get to see what you are up to if you bother to put statuses on there, but let’s be honest most of us don’t.  Perhaps, there is an occasional check-in but nothing too exciting and a drunken post, here of there. But, for the most part, not much going on.
  • If you do have a status, I get to see it on my phone, once again if we text, write, or email each other.
  • I have to admit that I love being able to upload a photo right from where I am and poof, you get to see it!
  • I love being able to shoot you an email or text whenever I feel like it with the assistance of a couple of thumbs! It’s even more enjoyable when the people write me back! 🙂
  • If you can’t figure out someone’s email address, you can always write them at their Facebook email and they will get back to you, eventually. Once they figure out, they actually have a message, that is.  Today I got to educate a colleague that she had email on Facebook…
  • The group pages are great.  They allow interaction with a common bond. My class page and camp from childhood have some good things going on there which, as of late, is the only reason I have been going to Facebook.
  • Oh, and my brother offered me $100 a month to administer his account awhile back and I foolishly did not take him up on it.  But, now I don’t think I could. It’s too complicated.  Ironically, many of “his friends” are friends with me to keep in touch with him. Rarely, does my brother hear, “Oh, you are Lauren RantnRave’s older brother? Lucky you!” 
  • It’s an easy way for me to promote wonderful things that happen to people in my life (yes, my brother and dad who are always doing well) and even people who aren’t a Rein will get props a time or two. I can’t help it, I love promoting when good things happen!
  • Just the same, if something not so good happens, people will rally around you quickly with this website.
  • My high school reunion rocked the house and earned “monster” thanks because of Facebook enabling me to promote it as often and hard as I did.
  • It’s my number one marketing tool for my blog, other than the signature on my email. My mom is still trying to figure out what this blog is. I have a relative who is still trying to click the link, let alone, read it. I guess that is a good thing.  “Let me get this straight. You free-write about something and just publish it?”  
  • I have found many long-lost people in my life but have had close to zero interaction in the four years since I have been on. I try to rattle the cage to get some communication going but you know how it goes.  So, whether these people have really been found is questionable.  If everyone really used the application, it would obviously be much more gratifying.
The Facebook and Technology Rant:
  • I don’t even think it’s Facebook’s fault but if people aren’t using it “correctly”, the gratification isn’t there. Understand, “correctly” is subjective.  Given the new format, people are scared to post anything, I have to admit, I may be one of them.  I’m feeling inhibited in what I should comment on and when.  
  • Maybe it’s because my reunion is over, but it kind of makes me sad to go on there now.
  • I guess the root of the frustration is how to really stay in touch with people now? How do you get someone on the phone?  Yes, there is I-Chat and Skype for people who aren’t nearby, but how do you schedule that needed time to get it in?
  1. Do you text them asking them to read their email because talking is out of the question?
  2. Then, do you call them because your thumbs hurt from texting them; and then, of course you get their voice mail?
  3. When you get the voice mail, you ask to schedule an appointment to text you with a time so that you can talk?  At this point, I would even take a spirited IM session.
  • I actually had a rep from work write on my wall that he had cleared a query.  Really?  You made my evening! Let me get right on that.
  • I’ve had dinner arrangement made on my wall. I just don’t see that happening anymore.  Not that I won’t have dinner with my friends but I am just not compelled to play on there anymore like I used to.
Maybe I will get a second wind but right now I miss that rush you get from two-way communication when you write to someone and know they are writing to only you. I crave hearing the voice that accompanies a phone call when two people are speaking…to each other and not checking Facebook or emailing other people.   SO DEMANDING!
 In fact, my cousin called me the other night, by accident. I picked up the phone thinking something had happened to my uncle. He was talking to me for a bit trying to figure out who he called. Finally, he looked at his phone and realized he had called his cousin, “Swiss Lorraine”. We talked for about ten minutes and he said that was the best mistake he had made in a long time. HE NEVER CALLS PEOPLE. Just like his brother never wrote people but when he was in the Army, years ago, I declared that I would got his incommunicado brother to write me a letter. He wrote ME a long hand-written letter and wrote on the envelope, “You tell those naysayers they were wrong!
Perhaps the over stimulation of social networking and technology has taken away our ability to communicate with each other with depth and quality.  Communication success requires an effort from both people. But I know I am worth it and I’m pretty sure you are, too.
So, you tell me. Are we being brought together or pushed apart?


You Say By & I Say Hi!

If you are looking for warm and fuzzy in tonight’s post, move along!  The feisty ranter has returned and she has words!!! First of all, you rain storms can chillax.  Oh, how I used to love the tranquility of a rain storm.  I am done with Mother Nature weeping all over us and killing trees, taking our power and flooding people’s homes.  ENOUGH!!!! But, I digress. 

Friendships or relationships are the glue that keep us all connected. The helium in our egos!  The impromptu laugh during our blue moment, a thoughtful email when one least expects it;  and the hope when we feel like we are vexed! At times, I am overwhelmed by people in my life with how wonderfully they handle issues as they arise and can’t say thank you enough.  This is where the fuzzy feeling ends! Read the rest of this entry

What Now?!

The Calm After The Storm

Greetings to my enthusiastic, yet quiet fan base! How have you all been? I haven’t written in a while and I have missed it.  I was distracted the last couple of weeks settling into my new job downtown. I was enjoying walking in Millenium Park at lunch time, setting up lunch dates with my friends and dinners, as well.  Things were really looking up!  The weather could improve and all would be perfect!

I was enjoying this amazing view of Navy Pier from the 68th floor and getting to know my new colleagues. I can truly say that I had no “issues” with any of them and was quite pleased.  However, I have yet to come up with nicknames for any of them and I don’t think I will have the time to do so. Read the rest of this entry

Good Chat!

Good Chat!

Below is a text I sent my friend earlier today. It took a really long time to formulate this with my two thumbs so I took breaks. Okay, just kidding.  Side note:  Koosh Ball was upset that he didn’t get a shout out in my thank you post the other night. He said he was boycotting me, even though, I thought “YOU” pretty much had everyone covered.  He said I talk about Baby Face, Blue Cowboy, Funny Bone, Rookie, and Smash, but where is his day in the spotlight? At any rant, here I go. Read the rest of this entry

The Typing Phantom

Taunted by Typing Fever!

I don’t get it. Whenever I have a creative surge and start typing with intensity, some part of the keyboard pushes my fingers and either deletes a word or changes the tense!  Is it just me?! Perfect example. I KNOW I just typed “it” and when I looked it‘s gone. Where did “it” go?!

Imagine that,you are typing some witty comment on another blog and all of a sudden… just as you hit send…you see the error and you scream, “NO!!!!!!”  But, alas, it is too late.

You can’t delete the comment! You can’t change it! It’s not Facebook! You have no power.  You cringe, you hide under your laptop, you sweep your floor; completely mortified!

You just hope your fellow blogger catches the grammatical gaffe, hits the quick edit button, and you go on with your blogging day!



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