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2012 Movie Recap

For the last few years during the cold or unpleasant weather, I walk over to my movie theatre and treat myself to the first matinée. One of my mom’s friends says he saw 56 movies last year and can probably list the day and time with the appropriate title. When I look back to the movies I saw in 2012, they are in a few categories: Read the rest of this entry

Impromptu Ixtapa

PSST…Wanna go to Ixtapa for 48 Hours??

Flashback to the early 2000s…

It was a typical day at work in January; I was scrubbing through accounts when my friend, Gidget, said she had to go on a “scouting trip” to Ixtapa.

Our office would be going there two months later but she questioned the quality of the hotel that we would be staying at and suggested that the property be checked out in person!  She needed an extra set of eyes to go with her…. oh, and we leave for the airport tonight.


To recap, you just found out that you are leaving for Mexico EARLY tomorrow morning and will be coming back home the next night!

You need to understand who Gidget is to fully appreciate the entertainment value of this quick trip.  Imagine big-eyed Lucille Ball playing “Lucy” stuck in the chocolate factory…baffled and bewildered, but also a database full of random (sometimes useless?! – kidding) tidbits.

The adventure began with Gidget getting pulled over by Customs for not “cooperating”.  It’s not that she was being uncooperative; it was that she wasn’t awake. To our relief, she woke up from her sleepwalk in time for us to safely cross the border.

The weather delivered a much-needed dose of sunshine as we checked out a few properties.  We were living large and I was in guacamole paradise as the various property managers tried to woo us with the fabulosity of their properties.

The system set up was perfect. Gidget gabbed in Spanish and handled the negotiation while I giddily consumed the various guacamole concoctions that were presented to me. “Mas! Mas!” 

The trip was a success. Not only were we treated well, we ended up switching the hotel for our division trip to a nicer one based on what we saw. Our division raved about the hotel when we returned there, two months later.

The hotel we stayed at had us in a “suite” which was two regular rooms with a door in between.  So, calling it a suite was much more grandiose than what it was.

I think the funniest moment (I can say this because it didn’t happen to me) was when Gidget had just taken a shower and was checking something out in my side of the suite and the door to her room flew shut from the wind outside!

Big deal, you think? She had proactively locked every possible entrance to her side, poof, she was stuck in her towel without means to gain entry back into her side of the room.   She started muttering, ‘Oh Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!” She was not one to swear overtly so saying a “sweet” word with intensity carries the same weight…

Gidget, in her towel, was entertaining the highly amused staff as they found a creative way to get her back into her side of the suite.

The next day, we were getting ready to check out of the room.  I heard, “Oh Sugar!” Now, again, understand, Gidget isn’t from the South, something was not right.

I walked over to “her” side and find that she was quite upset because she had lost her credit card, ID, or passport…in her wallet.  I appreciated her pain and listened to many “sweet” words come out of her mouth.  Fortunately, the card was right where she put it, in front of her nose, so to speak.  But, that happens to everyone!  The more we panic, the harder it is to find what we think we have misplaced. 

On the way back, Gidget wanted to experience Mexico City but all we could find was Hard Rock Cafe.

Not sure how a burger and fries would be considered a very “authentic” Mexico City experience?!

The cab ride to the airport was intense because it was Friday night rush hour and  the cab was NOT moving. The cabbie kept making me think we weren’t going to make it as his head continually shook in that “such a shame” kind of way. We magically made it back for our return home.

The past few weeks, I have talked to Gidget about this impromptu excursion and we agreed, those 48 hours were exhausting, crazy, and full of awesome scenery and memories. It was a great way to spend a couple of days of work!

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