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Oopsie – Better Curb That Egregiousness

This past weekend, while on a promotional surge for a volunteer project that had me floating in social media euphoria, I was suddenly sidelined.  

I had to reinstate a suspended social media account.  Mortifying, yet not surprising given how people have responded to my eagerness lately.  I felt like I was in a social media pokey. My research assured me that other perplexed and perky quipsters had been squashed, too.  Many users have no clue what they did wrong but get suspended, while the spamsters get a free pass.  I read that one account took over 10 days to get restored.

A few years ago, I worked on another reunion project and Facebook said to the effect, SLOW DOWN, SISTER – YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE DOWN OUR SERVER WITH YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM! Everything ended up working out beautifully and to this day, Facebook is the reunion saviour as far as I am concerned.

This other social media platform is much more intense with their hand slapping.  Enthusiastic Rule Breaker – that’s the new me of 2013!

“Nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Per their rules: enthusiasm equals “egregious”.

I must say, I was shocked! I know, curb the puns.

Redemption option: Click through to a link and confirm that I will “alter my behavior”/talk about the cup of soup I had for lunch and then type in that code that has cryptic looking letters to prove I am not a computer.  

 All of my experience of dealing with beyond messy handwriting and being a puzzle solving aficionado should equate to tackling this task with relative ease! I was mistaken, I kept failing!

The simple things become difficult when we are stressed out. Right?

It's really quite simple, just follow the prompts!

It’s really quite simple to prove your humanity, just follow the prompts!

I tried listening to the distorted audio and it sounded like it was recorded on a busy highway and various vehicles were crushing the letters and random numbers that were blurted throughout.  Seriously, is that option just to further tease us?

I went back to the Will She Get Sprung from the Social Media Pokey? Will She Prove She’s Human?

Watch The Credits

TV shows and movies were an important part of my childhood.  My parents ALWAYS let me stay up for the Read the rest of this entry

My Homage to My Blog Mentor: The Good Greatsby

Facebook family and blog readers, thank you for helping me achieve my goal of blasting past 4,000 clicks yesterday!  My Facebook family put me over the top when I implored upon them late yesterday afternoon and I am thrilled.  I hope they READ some of the posts, too, but the fact that I know they clicked to help me out really impresses me. My blog followers and subscribers keep me going. 

I have placed a reach goal of 5,000 reads by my 1 year anniversary on March 19.  I’ve considered putting my blog mantra on the elevated trains in Chicago to increase traffic flow, but I don’t have that kind of marketing budget. I’m going to have to make a plethora of magic words with my fingers as they tickle the keyboard to make that happen, but believe and you will achieve!  

It’s not really the number of clicks that fascinate me. It’s the ability to reach people and make them laugh or think a bit.  

I was floored when I realized one of my favorite bloggers had me on her blog roll a couple of days ago. I wrote her to thank her and she commented  that she had it on there awhile because she likes my blog. That was so cool!  Thank you to Kate of Views and Mews by Coffee Kat. She is a really fun read and has taught me a great deal since our paths crossed in the blogging community last fall.

I don’t get to blog (well, I have four now) full-time so my ability get traffic is a challenge.  It wasn’t until I introduced my cute niece and nephew last fall that the respected blogging community started paying attention to this blog. That, and writing about my former downstairs neighbor who used to take a broom and smack the ceiling to get the people BELOW her to shut up. I never understood that.  Read the rest of this entry

A Valentine Prank

I have to admit that I had very low expectations for yesterday. In fact, it was just another day. In the spirit of that special day put aside for couples that Hallmark created to boost card, candy, and flower sales, I wore black and white.  

My dad had surprised me with a delightful treat from See’s, Black Forest Truffles, limited edition.  So, I thought my day was done.

6 Pieces of Deliciousness!

However, right after lunch, I received a frantic email form a colleague, Strawberry Smoothie,  asking if I had received a Federal Express package that he had sent me.  I hadn’t and didn’t think much about it, but he was quite annoyed.  

A few moments later, I looked at my neighbor’s desk and his shipment was there.  I took it from her, pausing for a moment, wondering where I should open it.  For some reason, my keen sense of direction brought me to my desk.  

I ripped open the envelope and felt a whoosh of air with substance  as I screamed.  Little stars and balloons made of glitter confetti sprayed out of the envelope and floated into the air!  The colorful confetti was all over my white sweater and black pants and it was awesome! Read the rest of this entry

Houston, We Have a Problem

I found out Whitney Houston died because a Facebook friend announced it in his status. I found out that Michael Jackson died the same way and had the same reaction. “What?!”  With Whitney, I saw a sentiment on Facebook and Twitter – all saying the same thing – WHAT A WASTE. 

I was very sad  that she died yesterday. She was only 48 and had so much talent that was ruined due to the abuse she put on her body. I was mostly disappointed that she lost her voice, which contributed to her losing her life. 

I can easily remember listening to her when she first broke out in the business, back in the 80s.  She exuded innocence and had this amazing voice, full of soul and beautiful high notes. I wasn’t a big fan of the dance songs but the lyrics of her slow songs were so wonderful and she told each story so well when she sang them. 

It’s unfortunate when people lose their way.  It’s a gift when people bounce back into balance.  However with celebrities, these days, it seems so rare that it actually happens.  Look at Demi Moore, what is happening with her now?! Will Dr. Deepak Chopra be able to help her?

The pressure of fame and losing the gifts one once had must be excruciating.  After she hit her prime, she went down a tainted path.  Despite that, she was an amazing singer and that is how I will remember Whitney Houston and thank her for sharing her voice that was taken way too soon.

Camp Douglas Smith Diaries: Part 1

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, which means absolutely nothing to me. So I am focusing energy on one of my other projects.  I have two projects going on that require a blog, Twitter, and Facebook activity which seems to be my “thing” lately, so it has been fun.

My grade school is turning 75 in a few years and that has been keeping me busy with the daunting task of finding 75 years worth of students! However, now my energy is on my camp reunion that happens in  June.  Yikes!! Pressure!   Read the rest of this entry

You, Sir, Are a Rude Dude!

Dear Voracious Readers:

Sometimes I wish I could just throw the letters from a Scrabble game on the table and see what words develop to inspire my next post. I got hooked on Scrabble on New Year’s Eve. I have always liked puzzles, so this wasn’t too surprising. I’m not going to lie, it’s much more entertaining with alcohol in one’s system, but I digress.

I am fortunate enough to live a few blocks away from the movies.  For the most part, the viewing experience is a wonderful escape.  However, I can think of two times that standout as somewhat uncomfortable. 

The first one when I saw “War Horse” with my mom.  It was a full house.  I had volunteered to move over a couple of seats so that a woman and her mom could sit together.  I got the seat with the gum.  But, mom assured me it was there from an earlier movie we saw so it shouldn’t be sticky.  So much for doing a good deed!

Although, it was kind of funny because someone ended up spilling popcorn on her and if I hadn’t moved, that would have been me or my mom…but I digress, once again.

The previews start and to my left, I hear the daughter, probably in her 30s, uttering the most annoying sweet sigh as if one was watching “Bambi” for the first time. My mom and I exchanged amusing glances after the first sigh.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of us in the back of the theatre, I could hear a symphony of disgusting noises.  Snorting, coughing and other unpleasantries.  We really thought this guy was going to be somewhat repulsive.  Sometimes when we heard a noise, my mom and I grabbed each other’s arm in comfort as if we were watching a horror show.   Read the rest of this entry

Once is Great; Twice is Better!

Time has moved on since my last post. I wish I could say that I have been absorbed in fun and frolic but things have been piling up including various servings of unwanted mind screw mush, causing a back log in my creative output.

I wrote that back on July 5 and have no clue what I what was writing about.

I love looking back at my drafts! I guess it is better to write it down and wonder what one was thinking versus completely losing the memory when one doesn’t write it down.

Talk about burying the lead!  How could I have not talked about this?  Robin from Help for the Heart kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award on January 2! That is a pretty nice way to start the new year, no?! 

What Does This Mean?!

Read the rest of this entry

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