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Snickering Squirrels & Grand Slams

My mom has a funny sense of humor so she always gets me a pair of crazy socks.  I have “Happy Birthday” socks. I have black socks with vibrant orange pumpkins on them.  I even have socks with Chicago’s Navy Pier on them.  The funniest pair was given to me last year.  It’s hot pink socks with squirrels on them.

She gave them to me because it represents a passage from a Rein Rant N’ Rave that I wrote in 2007.

It debuted in 2003 when I did my top pics (pictures) for that year and sent it out as a holiday letter. It had different names; “Staying Alive in ’05”, “In the Mix in 2006” and  “Rein Rant ’07”.

We all know, that everyone isn’t a “reader” so the Rant morphed into what it is now: a 4X8 glossy card by Shutterfly that includes a collage of four photos with several bullet points summarizing the year.

Muted Squirrel Socks Bookend Previous Rein Rant N' Raves

It used to take me a good week to compose the annual rant. Mostly, because it isn’t that easy to come up with material. Perhaps, thank to this blog, this year’s card was the easiest one yet.  The year, overall, was stressful! However, the pictures promptly revealed themselves and the synopsis wrote itself.  This process made me reflect on the highlights of the Rein Rant N’ Rave over the past several years.  Two of them come to mind right now.   Read the rest of this entry

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