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The Likable Kid

Since college graduations are happening all over the country, it makes me think of my college days and how I used to free-write poetry (that is random flow of thoughts with horrific punctuation) to help me remember certain moments such as my first day as a disc jockey.  When I listen to old air check tapes, I can’t help but laugh. It’s as if I was Howard Stern when he started out with his high voice and then learned to lower it into his trademark sound. 

My passion for radio continued and morphed into a morning drive-time radio show during my senior year with one of my best friends. It was a blast and definitely a highlight of college.  As an alternative radio station, we would scour the record library to find a ridiculous title such as Old Skull’s riveting “Hot Dog Hell” which I can’t believe I just found on You Tube!!  The first time we played it, we just looked at each other in awe that these young nine and ten-year-old whippersnappers had not only formed a band, but made a record with inarticulate screaming. How can you not be intrigued by a title such as that one?!

I’ll never forget the delight of Read the rest of this entry

Camp Douglas Smith Diaries: Part 1

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, which means absolutely nothing to me. So I am focusing energy on one of my other projects.  I have two projects going on that require a blog, Twitter, and Facebook activity which seems to be my “thing” lately, so it has been fun.

My grade school is turning 75 in a few years and that has been keeping me busy with the daunting task of finding 75 years worth of students! However, now my energy is on my camp reunion that happens in  June.  Yikes!! Pressure!   Read the rest of this entry

Prove Those Naysayers Wrong!

Subliminal advertising: I am now on Twitter!  Follow me, you’ll feel better. The blog needs love. We all do!  @reinrantnrave.  That’s easy to remember.

I don’t have many cousins, so the ones I have are on cloud nine with the creative attempts I make to ensure that we stay in touch. 

My maternal side of the family has three cousins and we always had a lot of fun together during our winter and summer visits, despite their living on the Canadian border and I in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

One summer, my grandpa had dropped off our cousins at their other grandparents house.   Alas, the end of our visit would inevitably occur.  Grandpa would always take us to Hamburger Hollow on the way back and buy us an ice cream cone.  After one visit, my brother and I were so sad about losing our playmates, that we turned the ice cream down.  Grandpa was dazed.  Read the rest of this entry

Dear Diary…

I have my high school reunion coming up next month. 31 days, but who is counting? I’ve been really fortunate to reconnect with some people from my younger days.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Memories have been flooding me lately, which caused me to visit  my old childhood bedroom, which is now used as a collection of clutter, no disrespect, Dad. But, the one thing that is left intact is my desk that I had inherited from my brother when he moved out.

I immediately found my diaries that captured moments from junior high through college.  Oh boy!   The one that stood out to me was called “The Nothing Book” which was dedicated to my 7th grade teacher, Ms. Cathy Bell, who inspired me to chronicle my 13th year. Read the rest of this entry

Write It Down

I had two awesome bike rides this past weekend that re-charged me.  Writing is equally gratifying for me. I come up with awesome posts while I ride but by the time I get home and am  ready to put my fingers on the keys, the thoughts have escaped me!

Sports Virtuoso gave me great advice more than a few years ago. When you last heard of him, I had unintentionally forgotten his birthday in June.  😦  Click HERE for post.  The back story on him is that he was my dad’s right hand man for a number of years and they were writing a book together. He became my adopted baby brother. Read the rest of this entry

Doting Swan or Swan Yawn?

Doting Swan or Swan Yawn?

I took this picture last year on a peaceful summer day when I was at a local garden. The Garden is where I go to decompress and regenerate for the coming week.  I was impressed that I could catch the swan with outstretched wings shaped perfectly like a heart.

It’s interesting because the other two swans in front could not be less interested.  They are fixated on the food.  Do they not know what they missed standing behind them?

The other thought is that the beautiful swan is completely bored by watching Frick and Frack and yawns; and then transforms into this stunning pose.

Sadly, we will never know.

If anything, it’s a lesson in being more observant in what is around us at “that” moment. How often do we “intend” to do something and we don’t?

Perhaps it’s a suggestion to turn off the countdown clock to whatever event we are looking forward to, and instead living “that” moment… right now.

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