The Month of Mojito

Recently I was asked who would have the stimulating task and privilege of writing my biography.  The obvious choice is my Emmy-award winning brother.  His thoughtful and careful rendition would bring the audience to tears and laughter, simultaneously. He would make the somewhat banal parts transform into remarkably riveting moments in time and an upheaval of admiration would rapidly spread across the Rein Rant N Rave Nation.

This  extraordinary undertaking would require time and local talent to complete the project by the requested deadline. The disarming DNA-connected duo of my two lifelong friends, Mojito and DD, can be contributing authors.  Mojito, who recently celebrated his birthday (thus the title of the post) could be the fact checker with his awe-inducing ability to remember our childhood to the smallest detail. 

“In 1979, she wasn’t just wearing purple, it was more like a shade of amethyst cream as she enjoyed a lemon-lime slurpee that she paid for with the pennies that safely made the trip  in the front basket of her yellow bicycle. Other pennies bounced out of the basket, leaving  a copper trail throughout the streets of the north shore.”

DD can bring everyone up to speed on the present happenings in the enchanting life of Lauren with a touch of sensitivity interwoven with sparkling sarcasm. He’d be the tone tester and pun protestor. “No, don’t write it like that,  she’ll take it wrong, write it this way.”

Just thinking about this charming trio connecting the dots as a witty and playful collection of words unfolds effortlessly from the tips of their fingers onto the keyboard makes me want to read it right now!

What a treat in the making. Meanwhile I must get back to giving my authors some good material.

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