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No, You Didn’t!

Do you follow color charts? Have you researched why you migrate towards one color over others? Each color has symbolism. When you overwhelm yourself with too much of one color, there can be negative consequences. That’s what the experts say! It’s possible that if you read about the subject, you might be Read the rest of this entry

You Nailed It

I’m not sure what I heard as it wasn’t in English but I believe it went something like this.  The person who is doing your pedicure, and has done so, for years with a very nice and consistent tip, is speaking in her language with her co-pedicure doers.  She is pointing at you. She is laughing. Now the tittering becomes a chorus, almost like the “wave” in the stadium as each pedicure lady giggles and stares at me.

If I could flip my middle toe a certain way, I would take a picture right now. Cheers to you! Read the rest of this entry

Mojo Magic

Last night I drove home from an enjoyable evening and heard a thump as the wheels moved. I looked for my air pressure warning light to go on but it didn’t. I pulled into my garage and inspected my tires.  I saw some lovely scuff marks as a result of my phenomenal parallel parking skills. Fortunately, the way I had parked allowed me to see a massive Read the rest of this entry

Gift Giving For Busy People

I’m going to give you something for free. There are some conditions:

  • Cash it in by Friday of this week!
  • Have a Kindle, because the book is on Amazon!
  • When you purchase it, spread the word, to increase awareness of this wonderful offer and save people from unneeded stress. So, if you are on Facebook, you put the link on your page, put it on your blog, etc.

Easy enough, right?  Back in college, I had an appointment that I HAD to attend, despite the fact that there was an ice storm of the century. I waited in the frozen rain for a good hour for my cab to show up.  Some cabs showed up, but not mine.   Read the rest of this entry

Patriotic Toes Series

A few years ago, a friend in my office bought some patriotic swag to wear at work to get people into the spirit of the 4th of July. I rolled my eyes at it but then went home to get a pedicure and this happened: Read the rest of this entry

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