Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Giggle Chick

Back in college, I used to be blessed with the giggle gift. Typically, it was because I was in the presence of adorable men and uncomfortable so the giggles just flowed.  One friend dubbed me “The Giggle Chick” because whenever I saw him, I hardly talked, I just giggled profusely. Fortunately, time allowed me to mature and the attack of the giggles don’t happen as much as they used to.

Of course, I am laughing as I write that because that is not entirely true because I am known my for my laugh.

I am a giggle chick and I am not ashamed.  

Some people find it endearing and others probably grimace from pain.  Like that jerk at the Greek restaurant who told me “Honey, with a laugh like yours, you are going to be single a LONG time.”    Read the rest of this entry

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