The 11th of Lauren

How can it be the 11th of Lauren, already? Birthday month is here!

Flashback: When my parents took me home from the hospital. They brought a fire truck, balloon, and a  baby.  That is the order of preference that my brother welcomed the gifts…

Despite early hesitation, my brother became one of my biggest fans.

Despite early hesitation about his little sister arriving on the scene, my brother  has become one of my biggest fans. I constantly make him laugh. I’m glad I can help, Bro.

Imagine having a month dedicated just to you. Our expectations are way too low. This one day nonsense for your birthday isn’t enough. Each year we have more things we want to do and run out of time. So it only makes sense that this homage to ourselves get expanded. In my case, the month formerly known as May is Lauren. Today is Lauren the 11th.

How does one partake in the Celebration of the Month of Lauren? Here are some easy ways to be successful that are inexpensive on the pocket-book but rich in thought:

  1. Make me laugh. Who doesn’t love snacking on some quality Smarty Pants Souffle? Some people think my laugh is great and others think it requires a muffler.  You be the judge.

  2. Play miniature golf with me as a tribute to all of my teen years when I played with my family.

  3. Wear blue, green, or purple in my presence. One year I put this request  on the work calendar and it took me awhile but I finally realized that my office looked like a police precinct! Delightful! Some people think there is something to color psychology and if that is the case, I have a hankering for loyalty, balance, growth and imagination.  Hm…sound like me?

  4. Have avocados near by. One time, a group of people at work gave me a make-it-yourself guac gift basket which required me to make it myself but now I am a guac making machine.

  5. Take a walk …at the same time…at the same place as I am.

  6. Let’s play tennis. My current playmate is my 7-year-old nephew who has “got game” for sure but our cross-country rally sessions are hard to maintain.

  7. Blow up the tires on my bicycle. I’m pretty inept at this task and somehow manage to let more air out of the tires than the reverse. Then, get on your bike and we cruise up to the Chicago Botanic Garden for a scenic and invigorating bike ride.

  8. Have a glass of Sangria and think of me. Or better yet, give me some, too.

  9. If you think I need a drink of water, get me a bottle of Sparkling Spring Water from Trader Joe’s. I was just there and did an impressive calf stretch to reach the top shelf. You could save me the trouble.

  10. Go to a movie with me and PLEASE make sure I stay awake. What is it about the movie theatre seat that makes it so easy to take a nap?

  11. Wish me happy birthday on my Facebook wall. It’s the one time of year that Facebook is a haven and it’s like a water fall of warm and happy thoughts from people from every aspect of my life. We aren’t FB friend offiicial? Call me…text me!

  12. Encourage me to keep writing…and not give up on the guitar, or anything. When I first started taking lessons, I remember how frustrated I was trying to get my fingers to make a C chord and hearing my little nephew on the phone give me a reality check. He said, “You think you are having a hard time, my hands are a lot smaller than yours…”  Now my guitar teacher changes the chords in songs so I play the C chord…

  13. Keep giving me fantastic blog material with the memories we make.

I’ve learned that the true gifts are not wrapped in packages or bows but they are full of thought and time spent with people who appreciate each other.

But, seriously, you have 20 days NOT to screw this up. Enjoy the Month of Lauren, I’m here for you! 🙂

Some of you might be thinking I haven't changed over the years...Purple Rein  Then and This Morning

Purple Rein Then and This Morning

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  1. I am wearing my Purple today!! Happy month of Lauren!

  2. Oh Kiyoko, spoken like a true guacamole provider, excellent color choice in wardrobe champion, and friend over the years. We need to get together soon, please 😉 Too long! Thanks for making me laugh 🙂

  3. marge venske

    Happy Month Of Lauren Hope you’re showered with “Happiness”

  4. Happy Month of Lauren! Get out there and rock that C cord like you’re Slash \m/

  5. Happy Month of Lauren! By coincidence your name came up just yesterday! Kit Kyle popped in to sell yummy chocolates to Warwick’s! It had been a lonnnnnnnng time since we had seen eachother! We both sang your praises–about your Winnetka page/group and your wonderful writing!
    Keep it up! Keep celebrating! And count me in as a Laurente fan!

    • Thank you, Girl! Such a surprise and so wonderful to hear from you and say such sweet things. I can always count on you to remember my French nickname 🙂 The best to you and your family!

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