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Renewed Faith in Humankind

Every now and then, people do gracious gestures for people they don’t know. Good Samaritan or Mensch moments are magical. It’s so appreciated when people step up and make someone else’s life better with a little effort and consideration. While it’s nothing as dramatic as donating an organ; it is kindness and it matters. Who doesn’t like a feel-good moment?

The "El" Does Well

The “El” Does Well

This blurb below is written by my mom.  Read the rest of this entry

Insanity Workout – 7 Weeks Later


You may recall that I started the Insanity workout on April 1. Believe it or not, the program is absolutely addicting and rewarding.

For the most part, I have been very committed to this program since I began.  I am still in the first month cycle because I have been out-of-town a couple of times and want to get every little morsel of reward out of the first month before I sojourn into month two which will be intense. I believe you do jumps on your head and other crazy moves. Then again, if you asked me in March if I would be able to do a power jack (essentially a horizontal jumping jack with a push up on the floor) – I would have just laughed.

During both of my trips, I did abbreviated versions of the workout. I even had an eight year old pleading with me to teach her some of the moves. She was really into it. It was cute, during the warm up, she asked when it was time for a water break.


This workout allowed me to get new clothing in a smaller size.  You know, the size I had in college.  Within three weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my arms. The toning is incredible! Giddy! Giddy! Giddy!

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Audience Appeal

I was introduced to a Seth MacFarlane show, “Family Guy”, by an ex-boyfriend. At first, I was completely repulsed by the show and questioned why I was seeing a guy who appreciated this questionable brand of humor.  But I was magically transfixed. Despite the flagrant irreverence evident in the show, I learned to enjoy the humor.  It was definitely an acquired taste.

When I found out that Seth MacFarlane was hosting the Oscars, I wondered how someone as “edgy” as he is could successfully reach the entire Oscar audience. The range in diversity is huge and his true following represents just a snippet of the people watching.  Someone Read the rest of this entry

A Valentine Prank

I have to admit that I had very low expectations for yesterday. In fact, it was just another day. In the spirit of that special day put aside for couples that Hallmark created to boost card, candy, and flower sales, I wore black and white.  

My dad had surprised me with a delightful treat from See’s, Black Forest Truffles, limited edition.  So, I thought my day was done.

6 Pieces of Deliciousness!

However, right after lunch, I received a frantic email form a colleague, Strawberry Smoothie,  asking if I had received a Federal Express package that he had sent me.  I hadn’t and didn’t think much about it, but he was quite annoyed.  

A few moments later, I looked at my neighbor’s desk and his shipment was there.  I took it from her, pausing for a moment, wondering where I should open it.  For some reason, my keen sense of direction brought me to my desk.  

I ripped open the envelope and felt a whoosh of air with substance  as I screamed.  Little stars and balloons made of glitter confetti sprayed out of the envelope and floated into the air!  The colorful confetti was all over my white sweater and black pants and it was awesome! Read the rest of this entry

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