The Eyes Have It

Breaking up is hard to do. In November 2010, I started a rocky relationship but flat-out fell in love. When we were together, I felt more confident, my eyes seemed bluer, and we took many bike rides together.  Not to mention the awesome photos we took. Oh, the memories, the two of us shared.  

We spent lots of time at the gym. When we took walks together outside, the world got darker so I wouldn’t have to squint.  We went to our high school reunion together and some adjustments needed to be made since he tended to get bent out of shape, frequently.  No relationship is perfect, right?

 I played the field. In fact, before we got together, I hooked up with something else from “the better part of town” that encouraged me to spend more time with my scholarly self and read! But I felt like an owl when were together. Not only that, the “brainiac” feared exercise and a sedentary life style isn’t for me.

The break up was completely unexpected but after many adjustments, I felt the right side was about to give and we were going to part ways. Sure enough, on Tuesday, we broke up while in the optician’s hands!  The right temple just gave in. 

Thankfully, I was wearing my expensive bifocals that I purchased from my high-end boutique, at the recommendation of my ophthalmologist. So, I could still drive home and see! However, they make me look like an owl and I definitely can’t work out in them. I wear them at work, that’s it!

What am I to do without my social pair of glasses that allow me to take long bike rides and not look dorky when I go out?! They were barely two years old! I think that is not a long time. Especially when you do the math for the return on investment.

The kicker is my frame is no longer made!  So, even if I wanted to pay for a replacement temple, I couldn’t!  Are you kidding me?!  As I said before, this is my social pair of glasses, I work out in them, go out in them; I need this pair of glasses!

For about ten minutes, I am wandering around the store and finally I see two pairs that are the same size as my current lenses and they are shape weird, so this was a miracle.  One frame was black on the outside and red on the inside.  The other was violet on the outside and  a mix of orange/purple on the inside.  I STILL don’t know what color it is.  Since I love purple and my old pair was coffee on the outside and purple on the inside, I had to go with the purple.

After much effort on three of the employees at the store, they were able to get my old lenses out of my broken frames and into the new ones. I have to admit, this frame is NICER than the other one.  It is still a cat eye shape, obviously, but a hipper looking frame.  The frame was $110 but I paid $44, so I was relieved AND I walked out with the glasses on my face! I was really impressed how my optician did not want me to leave the store unhappy and she was very sympathetic to my situation. 

I love these frames more than the other pair but I better not get too attached, huh?!

I love these frames more than the other pair but I better not get too attached, huh?!

Do you think two years is a long time for a pair of glasses?!!  My mom has a ton of glasses and none of them seem to break…

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  1. You look marvelous! Love ’em! I’m going to find myself in the same boat soon. So our insurance now only allows us free eye exams every 2 years instead of once a year. Ugh. I swear they going to state “You’ve been walking around w/this perscription? It’s a miracle you didn’t crash your car or walk into walls” Well, I did ram my foot into a box a few months ago and broke my pinkie toe…but I think that’s clutziness. Do they have a perscription for that?

  2. Just got new ones myself. My prescription hadn’t changed much but my glasses were 3 years old and I yearned for something newer. I bought purple frames. Not too flashy but I do like them. I almost passed out when I found out the package would be $650 and that’s with a discount too. The frames were $129 minus 30% but when you start adding lens extras on, the cost escalates. Needless to say I will have these purple frames a looonnngggg time. I still have my old ones and a pair that is frameless. You were very lucky. The place I go to does not like to just sell one part. They always want you to mortgage your home and buy a complete new pair.

    • I thought you would appreciate the “cat eyes”, Kate 😉 My bifocals (the high end glasses) were $800, I believe). My social pair, the near-sided only pair at a main stream place were almost 400. I imagine the high end ones will last longer but the price is so painful! They also seem to look better on you before the lenses go in, too! 🙂

  3. That’s a nice pair …. you look young in it, not oldish at all. Good purchase !

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