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The Apple of My Eye

Back in April I wrote about how giddy I was that I had won a massive gift card at work. You may laugh, but I don’t think massive is an overstatement.  This week, I finally put it to use. The card has been sitting on my night table for the last four months.  I put off spending it because I was waiting for Mountain Lion to come out and then the summer slipped away.

I finally marched into the Apple Store on Monday and bought my new Mac Book Pro as my current Mac Book was over 5 years old and needed to take a break.

When I walked in, the very kind sales person read off my goodie list and I presented him with my rewards card as I crossed my fingers that it would go through. Success!  Then I giggled like a school kid at the realization that my out-of-pocket expense for my new laptop was Read the rest of this entry

Tourist in my Own Town #2

This past weekend, my aunt was in town with her besties and allowed me, my mom, and uncle to crash the party on Saturday.  My mom is a docent with the Chicago Architecture Foundation so she gave us all an impromptu tour that began at the Chicago Cultural Center. 

I had a photo war with one of my auntie’s besties which was fun. To my defense, I was only using my phone!

Louis Comfort Tiffany Art Glass Dome

Apparently, this Tiffany dome is the largest in the world and was restored in 2008. It’s quite spectacular.

Afterwards, we ate lunch at Read the rest of this entry

Sometimes Being Nice Can Bite You!

This past Monday was Chatty Starbucks‘ birthday. She is a good friend of mine who is very good at making people feel special on their big day.

I noticed a couple of boys on her team had completely failed to acknowledge her special day and subtly (HA!) pointed it out to them while the Birthday Girl was out buying herself some Starbucks coffee and chatting on her phone…thus her name, but I digress.

So, promptly, the boys reveal their weak, yet, very humorous attempts at being Read the rest of this entry

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