Oh Brother

October Sunset at the Chicago Botanic Garden

The last few months I have ended my work day with a speedy, yet tranquil walk through the Chicago Botanic Garden which works out great because it is on my way home.  Today was a good day for people reaching out to me. My brother finally called me.  Given our time difference, he is pretty good at being able to catch me while I’m at lunch.  

I had sent my brother the link of my reunion photos and he had written me back about a week ago with a very “touchy feel” kind of note which was very out of character for him.   “You look beautiful!” – remember, this is my brother. Oh, and it’s signed, “xo”.  My brother writes for TV but when it comes to emails to me, they are usually short and succinct and I can assure you in our many years of exchanging written correspondence, he has never signed a note with hugs and kisses unless he is playing a prank on me. 

There were many pranks. Back in high school, he went out of his way to mail a card to me as if I had a suitor.  The front of the card read “Hey, I hear Chris Loves You.” I’m giddy with anticipation, who is this Chris guy? Inside…”So Marry Chris Masse…”  Or the lovey dovey Valentine’s Day card he gave me one year.  A big and beautiful red card in a big white envelope with “Sister” written on the envelope and the inside of the card was completely blank.  But when I went to college, he made up for it by sending me a beautiful balloon bouquet for being elected floor president. The card read, “I always knew you were full of hot air.” So, he’s a thoughtful guy…

During our conversation, he starts to chuckle because I am just taking off from the email in mid-conversation so to speak.  He keeps laughing.  Finally, he came clean and said he did not write that note. It was written by his wife who thought she was writing from her account. She was confused because I sent both of them the same email, so she wouldn’t have known.What was even more entertaining was that he had NO clue what his wife was even writing to me about.  So half of our coveted conversation was him feigning to know what I was talking about and then the other half was him owning up to not knowing what I was talking about at all.  So, ironically, we really didn’t get much of a quality chat in! What can I say, OH BROTHER….


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